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Load WinUAE directly in Launchbox


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I've tried a way to load WinUAE directly from Launchbox. But I only had .adf files in .zip format, and they do not load in the ROM-field.

But after trial and error I discovered the solution is quite easy and something like WinUAE Loader is not needed.

First I added WinUAE.exe as an Amiga emulator in Launchbox. Then I created an empty file called FakeRom.rom.  In the directory of the WinUAE program I created a directory FDD in which I placed the several .adf files I had. Then I added these games in Launcbox. In the Launcher tab in the "ROM File (Emulation is enabled)" field I entered the following: ..\WinUAE\FDD\FakeRom.rom .  Then in the Emulation tab I checked the "Use an emulator to play this game .." box. Added WinUAE in the "Choose an Emulator" field. Checked the "Use Custom Command-Line Parameters:" box and entered the following for (in this case) the game "Another World":

-f NoGui.uae -0 "D:\WinUAE\FDD\Another World_Disk1.zip" -1 "D:\WinUAE\FDD\Another World_Disk2.zip"

NoGui.uae stands for a start of WinUAE without the GUI opening. The next entries are for both .adf files loading into drives DF0 and DF1.

In this configuration the game starts perfectly. (WinUAE will extract the .zip files with the .adf files automatically). You can do the same with games consisting of more than 4 floppy-disk images. But the you have to make a different configuration file (specifically for this game) in which the "diskswapper" is loaded which in it's turn loads the disk-images. Then it will start-up and run too




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Indeed and well done in getting it working :)

Just want people to realise that not all Amiga games will support multiple disk drives so if a game asks for a disk and you think it's inserted, it's probably not Launchbox or WinUAE that's at fault, it's just the game itself won't recognise the other disk drives.

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You don't actually need to do any of this. All I do is create a a config (.uae) file for each game and use that as the rom. You load up WinUAE, insert the disks into the swapper along with any other game specific settings you want, save it as a configuration and then drop that configuration as your "rom" in LB with WinUAE as your emulator. Works just fine.

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