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Importing eXoDOS and eXoWin31 collections and artwork comes wacky


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Hi, I just did an export from Meagre into my Launchbox and was pretty impressed by how much it took, but my images all came out wrong.  They all need to be renamed and reorganized how LaunchBox wants it. Within my LaunchBox\Images folder is a folder for every game name with the front and back images in that folder and then another folder with the screenshots.  They are all named like this "X-COM_ UFO Defense.{FF806FBB-7356-4E97-8094-8054999BFD19}"


 Is there anything I missed?  I really hope I just missed something, this would be a nightmare to fix manually.

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Hi Evil_Orko, fortunately that can be easy fixed :)

Close LaunchBox, open your LaunchBox.xml and search for the line which starts with:


Change the value in the middle from “true” to “false” and save the xml file. Now when you open LaunchBox you just have to wait until all files are moved into the right place.

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