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  1. Ok i never noticed that you could just drag them into LB. That works for now but will be really slow to do unless I only need one or two. Can you add an option under the "import Windows games" that is like the "import roms from files wizard" so we can add multiple games in and have them search the database, get artwork, etc?
  2. Is there any way you can look into importing individual Windows games? It's such a pain right now choosing a random emulator and then removing the emulator after the import with batch edit.
  3. I've had this problem with previous versions - it has cause a bunch of my entries to be denied. I haven't tried this new version yet - thanks for updating!!!
  4. Hi, I'm having the same problem with the addon not working any longer. Same exact error except mine is 'chrome=65.0.3325.181'
  5. Hi - This problem has been going on for a while and I know we've talked about it once or twice before but no solution has materialized so I'm hoping by bringing this up we can finally come up with something that will permanently fix this problem. I'm going to use the NES as an example, but I've seen this problem appear on many other consoles like C64, Amiga, DOS, etc. I have multiple games on one system that have the same title but they are totally different games. Airwolf has 2 different versions, Tetris is another one - that one has 3 versions, Indiana Jones and the Last Cr
  6. i have 1808 games so far in Steam... it's a nightmare to use LB/BB for it right now.
  7. i have done one or two of those myself because when searching for the games within launchbox, it only shows one of them and not the other. you can't even get to the other game with the matching title even if you could discern which is which because it won't display them both.
  8. It seems to work with that chromedriver.exe file. Thanks so much for the quick response!!! This is the most useful addon here, by far. You'd get my vote for best addon of the year (hint, hint) EDIT - I do notice that it isn't adding more than one genre. example: I add action and racing and it only adds action and disregards the rest.
  9. I came to post the same as Chris Kant above. Chrome seems to have changed something in the most current update. Anything we can do to fix it or use another browser that isn't set to default maybe?
  10. I'm going through my ScummVM collection now and adding in the games I like the most, but notice a few of them are missing from the drop-down list. So far (randomly) Orion Burger, Police Quest 4, and Police Quest SWAT are all missing from the list. I'm sure the last Leisure Suit Larry game is missing also, since it's in the newest SVN. Is there any way to make the ScummVM gamelist editable by the community or end-user? It would take the pressure off of Jason to keep it up-to-date as much, and keep us from getting stuck. Honestly - the ScummVM, DOSBox, and Windows game imports all need an o
  11. great guide - so much easier than the videos. works perfectly first try - thanks, Zombeaver!
  12. I just have to say that this is the best possible use right now for a plugin. It's really, really good at getting videos for my random PC games. Haven't had luck with batch mode, though. Otherwise this works 100% and THANK YOU!!!
  13. very nice! hopefully Jason makes it so we don't have to right-click to launch these new items from plugins
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