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Thinking we can do a little theme competition or something.  People that don't know how to make a theme in XAML, or are just too lazy to, can make mock ups in photoshop (or the editor of their choice) for the different views. After a month or so we can make a poll and vote on which one should be turned into a real theme.  After the vote, myself or someone else can implement the theme.

There would have to be a few constraints on the design of course because i'm not going to make 5000 unique logos for every game, so the images and such have to be from an existing set.

Post here if you are interested, need to see if there are enough people interested in this first.

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I think this is both a good and a bad idea.

Good because with we can see great new ideas emerge. It's good for inspiration and future custom options in BigBox. 
But on the other hand, design a theme without knowing limitations of the present BigBox is not the best thing to do. We can design an awesome theme, really impressive with a tons of unseen features but... If in the end, we can't make them... I don't see the point. It's the same logic in webdesign with html/css. 

So yes, I can support this kind of approach but I'll keep in mind it will be mostly a good source of inspiration, not necessarily an end in itself in order to make a new theme. :$

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