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As an older female gamer, I think it's amazing how Shirley Curry on YouTube has over 140k followers and posts just about everything from Skyrim and No Man's Sky. If anyone gets a chance to watch her she is an 80 year old grandma who loves gaming and I hope when I'm her age that I am still going strong :)



Wow just realized I meant to post this on the Monkeys forum and put it in the games one by mistake sorry @JasonCarr and moderators :(

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Puzzles and problem-solving have long been known to be good for the brain - maybe one day nursing homes will be full of Playstations instead of crossword and jigsaw puzzles :P

Activities that keep the brain active and working can lead to longer life expectancy and help reduce the chances of developing mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Obviously not all games are created equal to this end, but it seems entirely reasonable to me that the same concept applies to them as it did to jigsaw puzzles in the MacArthur Study.

I'll certainly continue to play them as long as I'm able :D

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