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Plays.TV Causing Crashes

Jason Carr

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Hello everyone, we've come to learn that Plays.TV is causing detrimental crashes for many Windows applications, including Big Box and possibly LaunchBox. If you are experiencing stability problems with Big Box and/or LaunchBox, please make sure that you do not have Plays.TV installed. Uninstalling Plays.TV should fix the issue.

Plays.TV is apparently getting installed with ATI video drivers, so it is especially worth checking if you have an ATI video card, although the issue affects all users who have Plays.TV installed, not just users with ATI video cards.

We've spent ample time looking into the issue and it is clear that Plays.TV is causing serious crashes for many different applications. We've submitted a ticket with Plays.TV to get the issue fixed, but we have not yet heard back and do not know how long they will take to fix the issue. The issue is very serious though as many different applications are affected. A different user previously created this ticket here:


The ticket even includes sample code that will quickly recreate the issue, which not only proves the problem with Plays.TV, but also should allow them to fix the issue relatively quickly. In the mean time, it is strongly recommended to uninstall Plays.TV from your system in order to ensure the stability of not only LaunchBox and Big Box but also the rest of your system.


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I have yet to confirm, but I've been in talks with Plays.TV and they have added LaunchBox.exe and BigBox.exe to their blacklist. Supposedly restarting Plays.TV (or waiting overnight) should update their blacklist in the app and it should no longer cause the problem. If anyone is able to test, let me know. :)

I can't say I'm a big fan of their blacklist method of fixing this issue (largely because so many applications are going to be affected and this really screws over the little guy who doesn't have an amazing user base to identify the issue to begin with), but I do appreciate how quickly they got back to me on this.

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