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  1. So glad to see it's up now. Now everyone can use what I've had the pleasure of using for several weeks now. It's glorious!
  2. Just set this up for the first time as a full USA Wii set is almost 2TB NASOS compressed and 7zipped. This is excellent and it worked a treat first try. Thank's a ton for this!
  3. Just played around a bit with the auto-generated child playlists thing. Very cool, I like it. But I have found a couple of things but I'll be brief. Make a set of playlists under a category and then delete the category and those child playlists will then be displayed in the root of the sidebar instead of also being deleted. Somehow doing this also grabbed my GameCube platform and showed a copy in the root instead of being under consoles. Deleting the dupe also deleted the original forcing me to reimport my GameCube sets. Just thought you should know that it took me maybe 90 seconds to break it, I seem to be very good at breaking stuff. I knew it would be buggy so was prepared to fiddle and I only tested with one platform just in case, but it taking my GameCube and making a dupe was very unexpected. Anyways, Thanks! Looking forward to being able to use this feature to it's fullest! 👍
  4. @Jason Carr Hi! I was just wondering if maybe now that Next is finished and you are gearing up the 9.0 release that perhaps we could expect the API additions sometime in the not so distant future? I know this plugin needs them and I know of one other person who has a plugin project on hold waiting for the same thing. Just a friendly reminder, Thanks Jason!
  5. With a mouse scroll wheel. Also, even after letting the cache build, there is no change at all. Just so you know.
  6. The whole time. I don't necessarily hate having a placeholder scroll by while the image loads but it just freezes up and hitches, which is the real issue since you can't browse the games library effectively. I just imagine my LB screaming at me 'NOOOO GOD PLEASE NOOOO! TOOO MUUUUUUUUCH!!! AAAhhhhh!!!' lol. 😝
  7. Just updated to the latest beta, way more laggy than the last several releases. I'll admit, I haven't used it for the last two or three beta releases but as of this last update at least, it has gotten rather bad. Here is a video, it's easier than trying to explain it and you should be able to see what I mean. At least the CPU usage seems to come down when not scrolling when before it would like to lock at 100% and just sit there indefinitely. Anyways thought I would let you know this since I have an uncommonly massive library so this might not manifest for some users. BTW, I used the 'all' platform category because it illustrates it better but I do have some single platforms that behave similarly just not quite as bad. Otherwise, happy to finally be able to make LB go right to LBN instead of Launchbox Classic as next is still much MUCH better in a lot of ways. Thanks!
  8. Awesome, thanks for reproducing it. I must not have tried any more sizes once I noticed it. Glad it's not just me going crazy. 👍
  9. That's great and all, but I can every time. Try some other sizes too. It's reliable for me. Perhaps it's not the smallness but specific sizes?
  10. I ran into this bug on the last beta. When the size of the items are too small, you lose everything as you scroll down.
  11. That's interesting since I only have Windows defender on. I wouldn't expect that to be overzealous. Is there anything else I should look into here? I fixed it by just installing the latest beta again right into the same folder and all was well so it's not the end of the world or anything but it is an odd one.
  12. So, I let LB install the latest beta version and it literally deleted both executables for LB and they no longer exist in the launchbox directory. It also gave errors while installing mentioning renaming. I assume this was meant to switch LB and LBN around to make the next interface the new default? Well, it didn't like that.
  13. Hey @Jason Carr I was just popping in here and asking if you have any update on a timetable for the API additions asked for the last time you streamed, I believe it was the last time you asked about the poll. You mentioned at the time that the additions that were asked for would be super easy and would not go onto the poll but would make your short list. I realize with the poll items and now LBN being worked on your time is likely stretched thin so you can just consider this a friendly reminder. In case you forgot what was asked for I will try to explain but I am no coder so my understanding of this is limited. steam launcher, the plugin for LB allows me to launch LB roms in steam to make Link streaming and per game Steam Controller configs much easier to do. The issue here is twofold. Firstly, the way LB does plugins, you can add context items on launch but those items cannot be added at runtime. For example, game versions can't be launched via Steam launcher because it would have to scan the whole thing before launch with a separate app. Secondly and more importantly, the launching process needs to be able to be passed on to the plugin after the double click or unzipping process. This would make the plugin single click and support zipped roms, which currently it can't do. I don't pretend to know a whole lot about exactly what needs to be added to the API so I am going to tag @Lahma here in hopes he can get in here and explain it directly a little better. I know he has gotten a good few others asking for these features to be added to his plugin but unfortunately, he can't do it yet. Here is also a link to the plugin itself on the forums in case you want to check it out. It's super neat and really rounds off my whole LB build, at lewast it would if it could be tweaked and allowed to work a little more seamlessly. THANKS, Jason, I appreciate your work as always. Have a great day.
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