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  1. It's been a long while since I have been able to play, but I can't seem to get anything to launch at all after updating Lunchbox and the plugin, ideas? I have cleared out the plugins folder a couple times to no avail. 2021-03-04 15:55:52 [Info] [SettingsSystemMenuItem] [.ctor] - SettingsSystemMenuItem loaded. 2021-03-04 15:55:52 [Info] [SLInit] [.cctor] - SteamLauncher v0.9.7.5 loaded (64-bit mode) from 'D:\LaunchBox\Plugins\SteamLauncher\SteamLauncher.dll'. 2021-03-04 15:55:52 [Info] [Info] [LaunchBoxDir] - LaunchBox directory resolved to 'D:\LaunchBox'. 2021-03-04 15:55:52 [Info] [SteamP
  2. I have two of my 10TB drives dedicated to be parity disks. This means any two drives can fail at the SAME TIME and the parity will emulate the missing drives. From there all you have to do it drop a new drive in their place and the system automatically rebuilds the data onto the new drives without any kind of interruption to functionality. Of course, DURING the rebuild process there is a pretty big performance hit and they can take a good 24 hours for commodity grade 10TB drives. With unRAID, it is not a RAID array at all so even if more drives fail than that, you don't lose ANY data on the go
  3. If you are looking into NAS solutions, I would say that I recommend unRAID. At least I will say you should SERIOUSLY look into it. You won't have much more cost, depending on the HW you choose, but the expansion capabilities and other amazing things you can do far above and beyond your typical consumer grade NAS solution are many and they are varied. This is what my array looks like and it has taken me a year of just randomly dropping drives in there and such to get here so it let me spread the costs over a long time. Just food for thought!
  4. Hmm, that is really a question I am not too sure about. On one hand, it is not anything to do with the plugin itself and on the other hand, it's an issue only is running MAME through Steam. There is also no guarantee that this will continue to be an issue in the future. I will say, most people won't really know about issues like this, if there ever are any others in the future, so being able to make default command line switches within the plugin indeed would help with some people who may not know about it. It's not an easy thing to decide if I think it's a good idea or not. I guess, do I thin
  5. I hate it, I hate it a LOOOOOT. But jeez, Ratroarch with their most up to date core, the one without the year after it, works well enough aside from a VERY slow loading time. Looks like im going to have to use this for the time being until I figure out a better solution.
  6. Uhm, holy crap someone else is having the same issue back in DEC 2017? https://forums.libretro.com/t/mame-what-core-to-pick/13628/6
  7. @JedExodus Ok, I've done some more testing this morning and I have figured out what the problem child is... Steam. I loaded up an older version of MAME 0.198 which happens to be a version I had for literally months before this started happening, always worked great. Turns out that it's exhibiting the same behavior. I turned off the geforce experience entirely and still the same issue so it's not overlays fighting. The only thing I can't do is roll Steam back to an older version to control for that and it is the ONLY variable I have not been able to eliminate. In case you were wondering, MAMUI
  8. Lol, I even half typed a response but then decided to try it out myself and man oh man... Have I ever been down the rabbit hole here. I had all sorts of MAME related issues out of nowhere and since my config from when it was working hadn''t changed, I assumed it was a change in the Steam client. At this point, I haven't quite given up on this yet either because I haven't, to my own satisfaction, proven it to be a change in Steam or MAME itself. It may be possible to use a third party source port (MAMEUI perhaps?) and if that doesn't crash in the same way then at least we can have out Arcade ga
  9. Depends on the version of eXoDOS you are using. The current 3.11 version actually has native support for LB as that is the new preferred front end. eXo has already set everything up entirely. All I did was copy the XML files from his LB install built into eXoDOS over to my full normal install and everything just worked. I changed a few paths because I keep all my roms, including eXoDOS over on my home server. As far as the overlay working, well, I had a perfect setup for the older versions of eXoDOS but the newest 3.11 uses a newer and specialized build of DOSbox that simply does not work with
  10. So glad to see it's up now. Now everyone can use what I've had the pleasure of using for several weeks now. It's glorious!
  11. Just set this up for the first time as a full USA Wii set is almost 2TB NASOS compressed and 7zipped. This is excellent and it worked a treat first try. Thank's a ton for this!
  12. Just played around a bit with the auto-generated child playlists thing. Very cool, I like it. But I have found a couple of things but I'll be brief. Make a set of playlists under a category and then delete the category and those child playlists will then be displayed in the root of the sidebar instead of also being deleted. Somehow doing this also grabbed my GameCube platform and showed a copy in the root instead of being under consoles. Deleting the dupe also deleted the original forcing me to reimport my GameCube sets. Just thought you should know that it took me maybe 90 seconds to break it
  13. @Jason Carr Hi! I was just wondering if maybe now that Next is finished and you are gearing up the 9.0 release that perhaps we could expect the API additions sometime in the not so distant future? I know this plugin needs them and I know of one other person who has a plugin project on hold waiting for the same thing. Just a friendly reminder, Thanks Jason!
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