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hi there, very long time ago i used to have a 16x2 LCD display conected to my PC via pararell port... the display was uber useful because show info like temp, free space on the disk, winamp graphics and tittle song, etc etc etc...
well the conection was pretty basic just solder a printer cable to the pins of the LCD and draw some power from the PSU, then use LCD Smartie to control all.

in today days things are differents! you need something to translate the USB info to a serial thing and blah blah blah... so you can use a ready to use kit that is expensive or just attach the LCD to an Arduino board, load some libraries and you are ready, my problem i dont know how to do it, from what arduino board should buy to the wiring diagram and what libraries should use.
i dont have many kanoledge to understund the plans and need some kind of idiot proof tutorial xD

Any help? 

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