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    Hi there, thanks for your hard Work! I get a lot of errors messages after complete the first screen: OS: Windows 10 LTSC Any help?
  1. Attract mode does scrape/download Arcade/MAME snap videos from mamedb.com... can they be added as another media source for launchbox? thanks
  2. Same happend to me with others emulators, its happend because bigbox/launchbox is runno g on the backkground using ram.
  3. @Jason Carr pls fix this, is anoyoing as hell i have tje same issue!!
  4. When you select a game and "loading game" square apear you can still move arround bigbox in the background, this is no sense, you can even load a second, third and so on game or enulator causing a mess between windows focus... Please make bigbox block imput when a game is loading until you exit from emulator or return focus to bigbox or something like that...
  5. as tittle say... is a pain in the ass have to reselect all the things you want to download when adding roms o downloading media, so please add a button to "set as default" in the selection window. ^^
  6. @Jason Carr i will try to be the more clear posible... I dont speak english very well. When the option "Switch between plataforms/filter" is enabled, attract mode run for like 1 min then try to switch to another plataform/filter but instead that is going to the menu/options and start acting weird as hell. I have only one plataform at the moment and "show all games" at de default start view. Using the last beta. Best regards.
  7. How do you change the font size of the "List" for the "Text list with details" view? i tried adding <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="10"/> line on every file that i can but nothing change thanks
  8. i am sencond to this, and think there should be an offcial one!!! https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2379/minimal-official-theme-for-low-resources @Jason Carr
  9. @Jason Carr i am using the stable build of 7.6... when atract mode run for about 2 min is going to the option menu by self?
  10. I also find the default theme horrible (just my peesonal opinion) and custom theme freeze s lot... Check this: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2379/minimal-official-theme-for-low-resources
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