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Sega cd games not being recognized


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ok im using fusion emulator for sega cd. when I load up fusion outside of launchbox and load a sega cd game..it works flawlessy.



But when I try to load sega cd game from within Launchbox....I get the bios  screen and it says "no disc".

 im using this command line: Fusion.exe -scd -fullscreen"[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]"

and I scraped only the cue files in the rom importing process.


Any ideas what im doing wrong?? thanks!

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5 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

Do you have any boxes checked on the Emulator Detail tab of the Edit Emulator window ?

I don't use Fusion but I do have it installed and it's working fine for me using version 3.64. I have nothing checked on the Emulator Details tab.

I have nothing checked as well.  Sega cd games load fine for you using fusion in launcbox??

fusion works fine only with genesis games in my case via launchbox. I have version 3.64 as well. Sega cd works fine outside of LB.



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Yeah, loads fine for me.

It looks like you got your command line parameters in the Emulator Details tab, try putting it in the Associated Platforms tab.

It also looks like you are using a different bios version than I am but that shouldn't matter at all as long as the game loads outside of Launchbox.



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8 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

Ok I know this may be a stupid question, but your first picture looks like it is in your Saturn collection (i cannot view it full size so it's hard to tell). Are you mistakenly  trying to load Saturn games in Fusion ?

haha...yea those are saturn games in the back round. But thats just coincidence.

ok so in associated platforms...I change my command line from "Fusion.exe -scd -fullscreen"[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]"  to

"-Fullscreen" . Like what you had in your screenshot. And it worked!!! Thanks for the help

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