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  1. Ever since I updated to latest launchbox beta....In big box, recents and favorites thumbnails are missing on the console list screen. Anyone else with this issue?
  2. JUst want to mention. As of the latest launcbox update 10.12. the plugin no longer works. thank you EDIT: I scrolled up in this thread and edited the "main.py" file as mentioned earlier. the plugin works fine now. thanks
  3. as of latest update, kodi launcher of big box no longer works. I use a kodi shortcut to launch bigbox. it no longer works as of latest update. Just posting here so that the issue is known and can be fixed. Is anyone else experiencing same issue?? thanks
  4. Thats what I love about pc. You can use whatever software is needed to complete whatever task it is that you are trying to do. I use launchbox for console emulation and Gameex for MAME Emulation and awesome "attract mode". And I launch both from KODI. all while using my xbox 1 controller. No keyboard and mouse needed
  5. Thank you every one. It seems like my multi monitor setup cause the bug. I reset my displays and the pc and everything is working normally. Thanks again guys!
  6. my thoughts exactly. Ill record a video later. Maybe i'm overlooking something
  7. Hi. Im using latest version of demul. Default launchbox settings. Loads games fine in launchbox desktop app. but in bigbox...the emulator pops up. but the game isnt loaded. Older version of demul works fine in both bigbox and desktop app. (however i cant use old version because it doesn't play nice with my ATI GPU) any way to fix? thanks EdITED:. Added video link
  8. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. The solution in the thread that you linked worked perfectly for me!
  9. Ok so theres a new final burn alpha core that supports neo geo cd. Within retroarch itself, running neo cd games work fine. However, I have to load the core...and within that core choose the neo cd option. then it works But launchbox does not allow me to do this. when I launch a neo cd games....it loads the neo cd core..and just show black screen. in conclusion..these new retroarch updates/cores adds functionality to cores with sub-menus etc. and doesnt play nice with frontend launchers. Just sharing my experience. hope theres a fix soon. thanks!
  10. Im confident this app will get better with time. I use pc launchbox all the time and love it. Is the theme support in the works for the android version?
  11. hi. I just want to report a bug. Launchbox wont open when i have msi afterbnurner running. In the past I never used to have a problem. Maybe its the latest update
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