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MAME Controls Info Images?

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As I've been adding my MAME ROMs into my LaunchBox collection, I've noticed that EmuMovies has given me "Controller Info" images, most of which show a standard button panel with the various default button mappings labeled. I've attached one of those and also a lightgun example image as well. The main reason why I'm posting is: what do people actually do with these kinds of things? I know you can display overalys in MAME when in-game, but I'm not sure if there's really any easy way to display a particular game's controls. Ideally I'd like to be able to flash something up on screen for X number of seconds when that game is started, so you can easily tell what the controls are, or have a button or hotkey you can press to display the controls in a nice manner.

Does anybody on here use these or other images / text to help the end-user with MAME controls?

Golden Axe_ The Revenge Of Death Adder-01.png

Area 51-01.png

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