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  1. That sure looks like a generic screenshot from CPWizard: http://headsoft.com.au/index.php?category=cpwizard It can do most of what you mentioned. You design a control panel with your button layout, and it renders the button actions based on what MAME rom is playing. It can display for a set time on game startup, or as a pause action midgame.
  2. I'm using BigBox on a cabinet in a semi public location. If someone chooses a game and walks away, I didn't want MAME running indefinitely. I would rather return to BigBox so the next person knows he can choose a game. I used the following script to exit MAME if there is no input for two minutes. In LaunchBox's Manage Emulators window, choose MAME and Edit Emulator. Then, on the AutoHotkey Script tab, enter the following: Hope it works for someone else too!
  3. I'm running LaunchBox 6.12, MAME 0.178, and CPWizard 2.42. When using just MAME and CPWizard, everything seems to be going smoothly. I can push the CPWizard show key and it displays the control panel with buttons labelled for the game I'm playing. If I launch MAME via BigBox, I have two problems: Whlie playing the game, if I push the CPWizard show key, it does show the control panel, but it also has a strange little Window dialog with the title of CiceroUIWndFrame but no content. The mouse is hidden so I can't really interact with it. When I exit MAME, there is a white square stuck in BigBox. See attached screenshot. When I exit BigBox, the square goes away. Has anyone else successfully used CPWizard with BigBox?
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