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New Dual Shock 4 controllers (3rd party, officially licensed)


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So of these two controllers, I like both for different reasons. I like the design a bit better of the Razer controller, that d-pad is a lot nicer looking and the grip looks a bit bigger. The Nacon controller's design looks a bit fater, but it doesn't have that volume control butt like the Razer does, and it has extra buttons that can be mapped to what ever (emulator dedicated controls!). So yea... I kind of like each of them for different reasons. They are mostly the same. The stick placement doesn't bother me on either, though I guess I am more used to Playstation controllers at this point. The right stick on the Nacon looks odd too. I don't want to go back to convex designs! I think I am leaning towards the Nacon though, the D-pad doesn't look as good as the Razer version, but it looks better than most other controller designs. No price on either yet.


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I saw these a week or two ago and while they look interesting I am not sold on eithers d-pad to be honest. The Nacon looks better to me but I would have to try it out first and the Razers separated d-pad style is not one I like or atleast I have yet to use one with the separation that I can deal with.

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