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Indie Games Boxes (326 boxes - Now included in LB database!)


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This thread is different from the WIP one, where I post the boxes on a regular basis.

You'll find here some ZIP packs.

Edit: woot! they're now uploaded in the Launchbox database! < 3

OP.jpgPACK 1 -    Indie_Games_-_Reconstructed_Front_Box_Art_(pack_1.1).zip   ( 100 covers )

PACK 2 -     Indie_Games_-_Reconstructed_Front_Box_Art_(pack_2).zip    ( 69 covers )

PACK 3-   Indie_Games_-_Reconstructed_Front_Box_Art_(pack_3).zip   (157 covers)

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Slight issue: the game Eojjeonji Joheun Il-i Saenggil Geot Gateun Jeonyeok appears to have only been released for DOS, not Windows. I can't in good conscience submit a box that says "Windows" on it for a DOS game, so the box will need modifying.

Also, the game "Fairway Solitaire" doesn't appear to have a PC version available, just Android and iPhone.

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Fairway Solitaire definitely has (had? at some point?) a drm free PC version, my wife is playing it on my computer on a regular basis  : )
That said, Bigfish and Popcap heavily changed their games catalog during the years as they were transitioning to the mobile market (or were bought by bigger companies as EA). Maybe they don't sell it anymore?

Oh, also, for the mysterious korean game, sure:



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