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Big box black screen


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Hi friends I'm looking for a bit of advice.im in big box mode scrolling through the different themes I have clicked onto a theme that shows me 2-player simultaneous .click on the up arrow key and it shows three players four player so on .the issue I'm getting is one I click on exit I get a black screen I can click on the page as I can hear tones but don't see any picture.whats the best way for me to get back to the main folder lists on the left side of big box folders like view.sound,themes,the list that has exit at the bottom.im I just better rebooting or can anyone else with a shortcut key I think it's called.


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I figured it out I think.i just scrolled down to the bottom of the blacked out page and hoped that that was the right menu I was on and it was exit.it was so I'm now back into my desktop

now am I right in thinking that there is a shortcut button for instances like this f5 maybe.im sure I read somewere there was .anyone know.

another issue is when I open Launchbox it takes nearly 5mins to go from big box logo on the screen till opening the theme/system page is it that it's called.any info on this would also be great

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ALT+F4 is the default Windows shortcut for terminating a program. If that doesn't work, you can try ALT+TAB to get to the Desktop and then kill the program from Task Manager (right-click your Task Bar and select it)  or press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to run Task Manager from the menu that displays.

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