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Super Famicon - Missing platform support?


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Hi there!

If there is a better place to put this, please let me know.  

The Super Famicon (Japanese SNES) doesn't seem to be represented in the platform support database.  There are a good number of titles only available on this platform that didn't make it to US or EU.


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There were a few console duplicates like this, but what was there is or should be getting merged soon, and some of them never had extra platforms to begin with. In every case, a console is only going to have 1 category, SNES is going to stay it even for the Super Famicom. There will be multiple pages for each variation eventually, but that's when @Vlansix gets around to it. Think the Alternate Names feature that currently exists, for but also for Console Metadata and Media. There is no need really for there to be the SNES and Super Famicom as two separate entries. This also creates confusion, and it should be best in the long run for there to be only one location someone submits a game to. Scrape As also solves any potential issues as you can create any number of custom platforms with this method. Famicom, Super Famicom, PC Engine, etc, all in the same boat. If any platform still currently has an alternate still up on the database, it's going to be removed.

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Thanks for the explanation.  I was confused because there was "Nintendo Entertainment System" and "Famicon" as two platforms, but only one of the SNES flavors.  

So the direction going forward is just to represent the US based systems in the platforms, and roll the EU/JP flavors and associated games into the US platform then?  I had already put my Super Famicon games into the SNES platform.  Launchbox makes it easy enough to combine things like that. :)

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Yea, we're a US based group, so it makes some sense to prioritize English (or specifically N. American) releases, but we still want to represent everywhere, and we want users to be able to decide what they want in the end inside of LB. So if someone wants all of their systems to be broken out as individuals, they can with Scrape As, and the region based enhancements are getting better and better. Alternate Naming for example is live on the Database, but still needs to be implemented in to LaunchBox. In time though, someone could prefer a region, and any game that has that region tagged in their metadata can display that regional name and / or media (provided a user set it up on the DB).

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