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Auditing Game Data - Missing games


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Sorry if the title is a bit misleading.  I'm going through my SNES games, and i'm trying to make sure that the images and descriptions/metadata is as complete as possible.  For the most part, the launchbox DB has worked great for USA games, but seems to have problems with games from other regions.  A couple of things:

If the same game has a different name in another region, what is the best way to currently handle this?  It looks like the launchbox DB prefers the US titles, which is fine, but it'd be nice to keep the other games separate and "link" them somehow.  (Exmaple:  "Blackthorne" in the US is called "Blackhawk" in the European release)

There are a lot of Euro/Japan games that simply aren't present in the launchbox db, but are present in TheGamesDB.  It's my understanding from searching through other posts that the launchbox DB is based on TheGamesDB (and that the game IDs are identical)....is there a way to pull in this GamesDB info?

Thanks in advance for your time....i'm LOVING launchbox.  I bounce between frontends like a rubber band, but ever since i discovered launchbox i've "settled down" :)

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We haven't had ties to them in almost a year, our Database has been user contributed ever since and had more than 2 million changes made to it. So it still needs more work, but we think it's currently way more advanced and suits our needs best. We've also taken many changes since then from their Database, which includes Alternate Names. There are threads on this a bunch too, and the feature is live on the Database but still needs to be implemented in LB/BB. It would also still require a user to set that metadata, so for a game with multiple names a user still needs to make those changes on the database, but this is essentially what you've asked for. Right now only the front facing names are scrapable, but the others will be as well.

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Technically, sure, but we can not go back. Our Database was originally built on theirs and has since become much much more filled with games and information. We've tweaked it to what we need it to be. There is still more that needs to be done, but it's ours and we can control what we need. To that same point, we couldn't control if their database was up 100% of the time, hell we can't even promise that EmuMovies is, but with our Database, the buck stops with us and we can fully control it. So, we can obviously add in other scrapers where we see a fit, but going backwards I don't think is the answer.

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