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Incorrect Images for import titles


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Hi there everyone, I know its late but I just joined the party and I must say this is one impressive project.

Just fired up launch box and started importing all my Mega Drive roms and noticed a couple of strange things.

I'm going to use "Beast Wrestler" as my example.  My copy of Beast Wrestler "Beast Wrestler (USA).zip" imported all images fine but the Japan copy named Beast Warriors 'Beast Warriors (Japan).zip' had no art beside the Beauty and the Beast fan art background lol.

2 other titles that did this were, "
Battle Mania Daiginjou (Japan, Korea).zip" and "Battle Mania (Japan).zip" Given Battle Mania 1 is not in the DB I think most of the images were imported from emumovies. Also both titles had a fan art TAS devil as the background images. But they did have all other correct images.

Other titles off the top of my head were Shinobi / The Super Shinobi ( The later japan release had no art besides the correct screenshot)

I'm assuming emumovies has some incorrectly named files for fanart

So what am I doing wrong? File names are correct according to the DB and I figured you guys have been at it that long the image DB would be complete.

The above games images were easily sourced from a google image search.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Battle Mania Daiginjou (Japan, Korea).zip is displayed as Battle Mania Daiginjou

Battle Mania (Japan).zip displays as Battle Mania Daiginjo 

My translated Japanese isn't that great (or existent)  so I didn't bring it up incase the difference in spelling meant 1 vs 2

According to the wiki Battle Mania Daiginjou (Japan, Korea).zip is incorrectly named and should be Battle Mania (Japan, Korea).zip I'm thinking. Which in turn means Battle Mania (Japan).zip should be renamed Battle Mania Daiginjo (Japan).zip

Trouble Shooter, known in Japan as Battle Mania (バトルマニア?), is a scrolling shooter developed and published by Vic Tokai for the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1991. The game was given a very distinct theme of self-parody between the enemies, story and dialogue. A sequel titled Battle Mania Daiginjō (バトルマニア 大吟醸) was also released for the Mega Drive in Japan and Korea only.

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Hi @syntax_X,

Welcome to the party :).

So, here's the long and short of it.

The main issue is that most of the titles you listed are not actually in the games database. You can resolve the issues you're having with them by adding any metadata/images you have for them to the database so as to help improve it :). Right now, Launchbox will either scrape images from emumovies or Wikipedia, depending on how you set up the import wizard during import.

Concerning battle mania, it's the same issue. Launchbox finds a match for Battle Mania in Battle Mania Daiginjo. You can either add Battle Mania to the database to correct for it, or simply edit the game in LaunchBox and remove its association from that games database id from your local machine if you prefer.

Hope that helps! Sorry for the short reply, just woke up and am commenting from my phone :P

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I'll have a bit more of a look at everything this afternoon. Pretty sure I have trouble shooter also.

As far as incomplete images go my little brother has a full NES collection (amongst others) and his mate Lukaz has just completed his SMS collection including Brazil imports so if there's a list or something and a preferred format I can ask for some scans.

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There are threads on the site where users have submitted artwork, and EmuMovies has some packs (that can also be downloaded from within LaunchBox), but the best thing to do is follow the Moderator Guidelines and edit the Database your self. Add images and alternate names, or add the game entirely, just make sure to follow the guidelines as best as possible is all we ask. So you're more than welcome to make a thread in the proper sub-forum and ask around, or check one of the other threads, but adding to the Database directly is the best thing anyone can do.

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10 hours ago, SentaiBrad said:

Battle Mania should actually get added as Trouble Shooter, and if it already exists an alternate name should be set up for it. LB doesn't scrape alternate names yet though.

Just had a look and ive got the US version which is named Trouble Shooter.zip, with the correct US images. Got to wait for the NES images to finish downloading before I rescan the battle mania roms I renamed and see what happens.

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