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Remove duplicate clear logo in games/platform view


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I can't see to solve something. My laptop struggles with a lot of themes so I'm going very basic - clear logos down the side on a default theme and a video playing in the background - whether it's a CriticalCid HS theme or a gameplay video. Nice, plain and simple.

All I want to do is remove the duplicate clear logo but I can't seem to do it. On the platforms view I simply replaced the banner with a transparent gif so it doesn't show. On the game view I can't replace the clear logo as it will clear the wheel I presume. 

Am I being stupid? (possibly)

I've highlighted the duplicate clear logo I want to remove. 



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On 11/12/2016 at 9:27 PM, SentaiBrad said:

It's in the Big Box options under Images. There are check boxes to remove it. There was another thread where someone replaced their images with clear images, and I told them the same thing, the option is right there to hide them.

Thanks Brad. Sadly that didn't work. I've ticked everything and unticked everything. Running latest beta but still there. Tried image refreahing as well but no joy. 

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Hi 80sarcadeboy.

I also tried this and I couldn't get it to work.

The "Show Clear Logo In Game Details" tickbox in the Options, Images menu has to do with showing or hiding the clear logo as a sidebar header for a particular game when you are viewing that game's Details menu.

What's really needed here is an option to cycle the Game Image Type to NONE.

Here is a workaround that may hide your Clear Logos as shown in your screenshot.

Set the Game Image Type to Boxes.
Exit from BigBox to LaunchBox and go to Tools, Options, Box Front Priorities.
Clear any active tickboxes and save.
Now start BigBox and see if your Clear Logos are absent.

By the way, clearing all the Box Front Priorities tickboxes in LaunchBox will set all your boxart images in LaunchBox to their defaults - Grey Box with LaunchBox cube.
But if you only use BigBox then this may not be a problem for you.
You can always temporarily restore these whenever you need to use LaunchBox itself by re-ticking the boxes you used to use, and clearing them again once you finish with LaunchBox.

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Thanks @spycat glad it wasn't me being silly.

I actually attempted what you suggested and it didn't work for me. I went to untick the boxes and I'd already tried that previously so they were all unticked. I then convinced myself that options in launchbox didn't actually change anything in Bigbox.I generally use clear logos for all images rather than box art. Thanks for trying to help.

@SentaiBrad any other ideas?

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In case anyone is searching for a solution to this still like I was -

enter options - images and changing Game Image Type from clear logos to one you haven't downloaded. Then refresh the image cache. Clear logos in the middle section disappear.

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