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General BigBox control-problems.


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Hi all,

I have a few annoying problems I was hoping someone in here could help me with.

I am running an arcade cabinet with LaunchBox and an i-Pac 2. I have been running the i-Pac in keyboard-mode with almost no problems, but decided to try it with LaunchBox in gamepad-mode, since that works better with some emulators. But to my surprise it does not seem that I am able to remap the menu.controls of BigBox to work with the i-Pac 2´s gamepad-mode. Am I missing something here or is this not implemented yet?

After switching the i-Pac back to keyboard mode, it now seems something has been messed up with the controls I had defined before in LaunchBox, and I was therefore hoping that I could reset the controls by deleting the BigBoxSettings.xml file in the Data-folder, but this does not work. Can someone tell me how to reset the controls in BigBox?

And is there any reason why there is not some sort of standard controls in BigBox (like the arrow-keys always allowing you to control the menus, no matter what other controls you have set up yourself) not being part of the program? – knowing that you could always use the standard controls no matter how much you messed it up yourself, would be a stress-reliever from this users perspective.

I hope all of this does not sound too negative – LaunchBox is far and away the best frontend I have ever used and is about 528 times easier and better to use in all other aspects, than any other frontend out there.


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In BigBox you have to first enable game controllers if you didn't do so that is where the problem is once you do that you can remap and add some controls. LB and BB both have separate controller settings so you will have to setup any controller automation again in BB in order to get it to work


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Thanks for the answer, but it still does not work - even with game controllers enabled in BigBox. 

I managed to somehow get everything reset, and reverted to running the i-Pac 2 in keyboard mode. However if anyone has encountered the same problems or has a solution, I would still like to hear it. 


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