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I did a search and my return results didn't seem to match what I was looking for.

Adding in single blocks, don't have a problem, trying to subset them, I get problems. There may be a solution, but I'm not finding it.

So, I have one emulator that would cover all roms, but lets says I wanted.

Arcade - Driving

Arcade - Beat Em Up

I was trying to add the roms via the import (I have each subset in a separate folder), I have a folder with a small amount, it does it thing, gets the snapshots, etc and all looks good, then if I try to 'edit' the name from 'Arcade' to 'Arcade - Driving' all the snaps go back to the little 'LB/BB Cube' so I must be doing it wrong. It chooses Arcade when I'm asked what Platform, well, my choices are like this

Import>Rom Files>Next>AddFolder>[FolderLocation]>Next>Platform[Arcade]>Next>Emu[Mame]>[Use In Current]>Next>Next>Next>Next>[Import All]>Next>Finish

If I don't rename the first import, it just puts the new import in the same location.

Can anybody point me in the right direction, either here, or a document or youtube or something, I just don't fancy have all the roms in one bulk lot, I'd like to split them down into more manageable chunks.

Is this possible?

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Sub categories are planned but no yet implemented.

There is a platform categories so far which include Arcade Console Computer and Handheld and you can name your platform Beat'em up scrape as Arcade and then add it under the Arcade category but I haven't looked in to how to do so yet just know it was added fairly recently.

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