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Just testing some features in 7.0 and importing Roms is a slight issue. Some game names have " : " in them on the database and cannot be in the file name, for example.

Arch Rivals: The Arcade Game <<-- Launchbox game name using meta data / wiki

Arch Rivals The Arcade Game.zip <<-- File name. cannot contain :


Because you cannot have the : in the file name it imports those games as duplicates. Because its checking the game names vs the file names... I assume.

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Update it is however working ok ONLY if the file is named with a " - " in between where the " : " should be,



File name = Budokan - The Martial Spirit.zip

Launchbox game name  = Budokan: The Martial Spirit


This goes the same for any illegal characters that cannot be put in a file name. Like " ? " that appears in some game names.

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Just updated to 7.0 and having an issue in BigBox.  When opening to the platform page, all of my logos are gone and the background platform videos won't play.  Is there an easy fix for this without going back to the previous version.  I need to know, as this is a Christmas gift for my brother...

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