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Parking moron I really wanted to hurt!


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In the spirit of miscellaneousness, check this out.

Can you believe how close this asshole parked to my car (mine's on the right)?  I had to leave before they returned, so I never got to confront them.  Argh!

If there hadn't been security cameras at the school across the street, I probably would've totaled that car with a hammer!  :ph34r:

Parking Moron 2.JPG

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ha a few years ago I had a guy do this to me at a Florida Marlins baseball game but he was parked next to me and I couldn't get in my car so I let my 15 year old nephew back the car out of course he had never driven before and smashed the shit out of the guys door. I got in the car and went back to our hotel room and never heard anything about it again but it was justice in my opinion hopefully he learned his lesson. I was satisfied

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