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Hi there,

I have imported some roms in launchbox and after I was finished, I realized that I have quite a few duplicates.
Creating an AdditionalApplication entry from the gui is possible but it might take some time.

So I just created a duplicate identifier that automatically creates the xml tags for your platform xml and lists all the files that can be removed (manually) and puts that into a results folder. In theory, you can copy the additional apllication tags into your system.xml and you can remove the files that are listed as duplicates now.

No guarantee it won't mess something up so please backup your platforms directory before you start modifying your xmls.

YOU, YOURSELF. My program does not modify your files, it just lists and makes a guess what you want and puts all that into text files for each system

I think I'll eventually make it more sophisticated and add trying to find wrong database entries.


if you call it with no parameters, the program assumes you have your xmls in 


and this is your priority preference:

        prioList = append(prioList, "North America")

        prioList = append(prioList, "World")

        prioList = append(prioList, "Europe")

        prioList = append(prioList, "Germany")

        prioList = append(prioList, "Japan")

but you can also call it with cli parameters:

first parameter is the filepath with backslash, then you can add parameters with region preferences


I included the executable and the source code. Have fun :-D



Also: it's the first version that creates usable results stored in files for all databases in your system with priority and cli parameters. Expect to see some bugs. I just found one myself: some result files are exactly 4096 bytes and also incomplete...

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Im yet to have a propper fiddle with the new options sorry. 

Before this I just delete all roms for a platform and reimport with all fields blank. Unless you damage your xml you should have no duplicates. Stuffed xml imports 0 roms successfully.

Even in your case forcing duplicate imports won't actually double up the rom file, just works

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5 out of 5 stars for this only program Duplicate Files Deleter. Others are definitely not recommended. Try it to believe it. It deletes everything duplicate. Please use this program and nothing else & I am being serious.

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in my previous reply the software name was wrongly typed
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