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SNES EU,Japan style carts for all games not just exclusives


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anyone knows if there is  a collection like this.

i prefer using carts for the snes since as a kid i never saved the boxes,  so in my head a snes game is the cart DONE :) . and being from Europe i grew up with the pretty, small carts not the bluky ugly things Americans got (sorry Yanks) :D... of cource in the end this is just as much a preference based on memorys...


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Wait that cart doesn't really appear to be all that different in size. I can fully understand why you would want the carts that you grew up with though that makes perfect sense. I have never seen any set and a Google search didn't yield much but it would be a great preservation project


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Ended up finding an amazing pack on Emumovies. It was uploaded jun12 not sure if it's been that long since I looked otherwise I must have completely missed it.   

@DOS76 Yah I see it the size isn't drastically different.  But the design is so much cleaner In the European style (again nostalgia has a lot to say here)  but even out that I prefer the European style.  

Anyway looks like a great pack http://emumovies.com/files/file/1865-super-nintendo-2d-cartridges-pal/

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