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I've installed latest Launchbox release 7.1 from scratch and started to import all the roms I have. Everything was fine except for PS1 - for some reason none of EmuMovies content was downloaded for this platform at all (manuals, movies etc.). I can still download all these files for individual roms with "Download Metadata and Images ..." wizard, but not for the whole list (and I have like 500 roms). What went wrong?

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11 hours ago, SentaiBrad said:

Is your platform for PS1 named the default name? That's the only reason why I could think that would happen... unless it was a random internet issue, but for just one platform? I doubt it.

Yes it's all default as with all other platforms.

I've found something, maybe it will help - I've started to exclude roms from the list before updating them and after I've excluded rom "V2000 (Europe).7z" everything was ok. I tried this several times and everytime if v2000 was not in the list update was successful. I have no idea what's wrong with this rom =)

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5 minutes ago, haloo said:


I have problem when I play the PS1 in Big Box

the problem is when I play the PS1 in Big Box and I exit the game the sound for game still working even I play another game

How to fix it ???

I guess it depends on emulator and its settings. I use default retroarch with mednafen_psx_libretro.dll and it works just fine.

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