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Open - Game Database Ratings - Issue #48


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It'd be nice if it was extended, like Steam, so you could review and rate the games and we had the option to read the community game reviews in BigBox/Launchbox or possibly link to youtube reviews of the game. With such a vast library as some consoles have, it'd definitely help to find what you might like. Also, 7.3 is working great. Good work, Jason and LB team.

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One more suggestion, maybe it'd be a good option for 7zip to not delete extracted roms after you exit the game. When playing my PSX backups it re-extracts the game which can really slow the game's startup. And maybe add an option below "clean up images" like "clean up extracted roms" or something. 

But I think of Steam game ratings and groups feature and see potential in LB. Maybe you could have some sort of social aspect implemented into LB for people to share reviews, comment on individual games and tag games into groups, etc. Personally it's not that big a deal to me but at least maybe an average community rating, star rating or whatever, for individual games might be nice. 

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