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Installing expansion packs for DOS games?


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This is entirely dependent on the game and what format you have the expansion in (physical disc, disc image, collection of files, etc.).

Typically I do everything in DOSBox beforehand and then simply direct LB to the game after everything's done. In some cases I'm using physical discs and in others I'm using disc images + a virtual drive (DaemonTools). Either of those are functionally identical as far as DOSBox is concerned, you're just directing it to the corresponding drive, whether physical or virtual.

In DOSBox you first need to mount the location where you want the game installed and then mount the disc.

Mount C "path/to/desired/install/location/"

Mount D "path/to/disc/" -t cdrom


dir /p

["install", "setup", or whatever it's called for that game - it varies from one to another]

Follow the prompts to install the game. When asked where to install it, just tell it "C:\" if you've included a folder with the game name in your initial "Mount C" path or "C:\game name\" if not.

Here's an example of installing Rayman via disc image in DOSBox:

The process for installing expansions is typically the same - you just follow the same steps for it after you've installed the base game first.

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