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DX11 vs DX11OLD in Demul video settings


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Hi guys,

I'm quite confused about Demul video settings and its two video plugins. It seems like DX11 plugin is a better options to run games smoothly and to avoid 2D graphics glithces, but it doesn't allow to set internal resolution and it gives you audio and video slow-downs randomly. On the other side DX11old plugin let you set internal resolution and it seems to run games smootlhy, but it renders some very nasty 2D sprites with horrible glitches (so 2D elements in Crazy Taxi are displayed with glicthes and so the 2D sprites in Capcom VS Snk). Also is it true that games doesn't suffer slow-downs when you run them for a few times in Demul(I read it somewhere)?

And what about video settings?Is it better to disable or enable some hacks?


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I know this is pretty much a dead post at this point, but I was actually just now wondering the same thing.  I have a hell of a beefy computer with insane specs and a GTX 1070 video card, but for some reason I still get a lot of lag on games like Dolphin Blue (could just be the emulation being buggy?). I noticed some settings were blurred on the new plugin and was wondering the difference and if/when the old plugin would be useful.

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