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  1. Nice to see that this is getting a bit of attention again. Still somewhat bugs me there there's not the option to leave existing information intact when adding new data with bulk editing in general. Like if there was an "open box" showing that some of the selected content had the tag in question that would remain undisturbed unless the user selected the item ("closed box" thereby applying to all) or deselected the item ("no box" thereby applying to none"). Apologies if this is confusing. This just seems like a standard on many platforms so I am still surprised Launchbox hasn't adapted such functionality into their platform. Look forward to checking out your plugin!
  2. @andykaufman @setjo I spoke with C-Beats the other day and the devs have fixed this issue! The fix is currently in the newest BigBox beta build if any of you are still having problems.
  3. Glad to see this getting some traction! I admittedly haven't dealt with this in well over a year since I bootlegged Winamp controlled by a few AutoHotKey scripts as a stopgap measure to allow random music between games. Just checked and I still have this issue with the native media playback. First track is random and then it starts at the beginning of the "Background" folder alphabetically by folder and track. I'll PM over the requested info now!
  4. My case was odd though. The rom did not work when it was named "chaosheat.chd" for me, regardless of if it is in a folder/zip of being named "chaoshea". The only thing that worked for me was naming the CHD "chaoshea.chd".
  5. Well putting it in a "chaoshea" folder did not fix it, as the rom itself had to be renamed to "chaoshea.chd". When I put it in a "chaoshea" folder or ZIP file, it still did not work while the rom was named "chaosheat.chd".
  6. Wow. Okay so I got this working now and this is stupid! So the issue was fixed from me renaming "chaosheat.chd" to "chaoshea.chd". That's it. Now it works without a problem. Odd thing here is that all locations online have the rom name as "chaosheat.chd" so this is weird that this is a case of the rom being incorrectly name universally? I am not sure which spelling is technically correct for the rom set but all that matters is I got it working now! Thanks for trying to help @Retro808!
  7. I am not sure what you mean by rom path exactly. Is this screencap what you are referencing? As for the folder, I realized my mistake right after my post but it made no difference. Here is the path I am pointing to in Launchbox at the moment:
  8. Okay, so I tried putting Chaos Heat in its own folder but I did not make any difference at all. As a reminder, the game works fine when I launch through MAME directly, just not through Launchbox. But literally every other game works without a problem.
  9. Well the issue is like I said I can manually change the name to "Chaos Heat" and import images fine and all, but for some reason it won't launch from Launchbox. Also as I said I do have another Taito G-NET game "Super Puzzle Bobble" that is CHD only and that game works without any trouble in Launchbox, so I am not sure if the CHD specifically is the issue, or if it is I am not sure why it would be in this case but not the other... XII Stag and Super Puzzle Bomber both work great for me without a problem and I have those just sitting loose in my Games/Arcade directory. However I will give putting the Chaos Heat CHD into its own folder a try just in case..
  10. Great to hear this is getting attention. I resorted to using an external media player and AutoHotKey scripts to stop/start music instead of the internal player because of this! 🤣
  11. I'm having an odd issue with Launchbox. In general had no problems but this specific game (Chaos Heat) will not work in Launchbox no matter what. It works without a problem in MAME when the application is used directly, but when the CHD (this is a CHD-only game) is imported to Launchbox, a couple of key things go wrong. First, the metadata does not get properly configured. The game is in LaunchBoxDB, but it is not recognized as a valid game and the name does not even set properly (screenshots below). I can manually go in and set the name and import the metadata after the fact, but this does not fix the second, primary issue. The game will not launch through Launchbox no matter what I do. This cannot be overstated, no matter what settings I play with I cannot get this game to work. I have several other CHD-only games that all function in Launchbox without a problem and there is virtually nothing I can find that is unique about this game's case to point to in this case. I have other games on Taito's G-NET System that all work and are running identical configurations (and in fact Super Puzzle Bobble is a G-NET game that also CHD-Only, and this game works without issue!). I am drawing blanks here and pulling my hair out over this game, so I wanted to post over here and see if anyone has any idea. I will include a detailed walkthrough of my setup below so you all can get an idea of what I am running to (hopefully) spot something that can help. First, the configuration of the specific MAME build I am using for G-NET games (Chaos Heat included): I use this config setup for all of my MAME games in general, and have had no issue before. Here is the listing in the import wizard. Usually it would list the game properly, such as listing "Chaos Heat" instead of rom name "chaosheat". This is the first oddity I notice when importing. When I click "Finish" and let it import, here's what the finished product has for metadata (nothing): A few oddities here. First, it does list that it is grabbing the images when importing, but goes way too fast and doesn't show any when finished. Also, you can see it does link to the correct LaunchboxDB item, but as shown it doesn't correctly grab the name for some reason? The metadata is at least there for this game, as inaccurate as it is. Once I manually import the pictures, the next thing is to try to play the game. When I try to do this Launchbox does the same thing that it would do if a game was missing a rom file or something similar: it displays the loading screen and then immediately quits back to the game list. No error messages or anything. Problem is, there are no errors for me to troubleshoot in this case since the game functions completely fine when I launch it directly through MAME, and it plays without any issue! This is a great game and it pains me that it is being so troublesome to set up. If anyone has anything they can suggest to try or at least if anyone can verify that the game works fine for them it would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to let me know if anyone needs more information on this and I would be happy to help, I just want my Chaos Heat! 😭 Here's a screenshot showing the game is indeed working for me through MAME directly:
  12. Ah I see now. I checked earlier but didn't see the option for "Last Played". Thanks!
  13. I have a simple question: Is there a way to view the play history for launchbox/bigbox? I know that Bigbox has where you can select the last played games when in the platforms view, so is there some sort of text file or option in the software to see the play history?
  14. Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. The fullset option wouldn't have worked for me since I only import games as I find ones that strike my fancy, I don't do bulk game adding or anything.
  15. Hey! I was wondering how to add Breakout to Launchbox. This game does not have any rom files associated with it (that I downloaded) weirdly enough and as such I cannot find out how to add it to Launchbox.
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