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  1. Ah I see now. I checked earlier but didn't see the option for "Last Played". Thanks!
  2. I have a simple question: Is there a way to view the play history for launchbox/bigbox? I know that Bigbox has where you can select the last played games when in the platforms view, so is there some sort of text file or option in the software to see the play history?
  3. Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. The fullset option wouldn't have worked for me since I only import games as I find ones that strike my fancy, I don't do bulk game adding or anything.
  4. Hey! I was wondering how to add Breakout to Launchbox. This game does not have any rom files associated with it (that I downloaded) weirdly enough and as such I cannot find out how to add it to Launchbox.
  5. I wonder if this is an isolated issue or a universal one with BigBox. It's odd that more people haven't complained about this.
  6. I've made several posts about this in the past but haven't had any luck finding any help. Among many other problems I've noticed that background Music in BigBox always seems to reset back to the first track in the queue whenever a game is played. Oddly the time it takes to do this seems to have something to do with how long it had been playing before a game was selected, but without fail it will always reset back regardless of how far in the queue it is. This is a major problem for me, as I have over 1000 music tracks in my background music and hearing the same ones repeatedly is really ruining the experience, especially considering the amount of work I have put into meticulously curating this list and managing the metadata. Of course this isn't the only problem with background music playback, but this is the main one that I cannot find any way to work around.
  7. I've been having this problem for a while, and have made several threads about it. No idea why nobody has addressed it yet. Sucks because I am using mine like an Arcade jukebox with over 1000 songs and no matter what after playing a game it loops back, negating 90% of the music
  8. I tested it with and without attract mode and unfortunately noticed no difference! I managed to mitigate this somewhat why using Flexible Renamer and Robobasket to both filter individual songs into subfolders and then (using Flexible Renamer) shuffle those folder names such that a rudimentary shuffling system can be established. This is very tedious and not good practice but with the large library I have collected having proper song shuffling is paramount to my BigBox experience. However, the main problem that keeps annoying me to no end is that, no matter what, after a game is played the list will eventually restart back to the first track. The amount of time it takes to do so strangely enough seems to depend on how many songs have been played up until the point the game has been played, but without fail it always resets the list, regardless of how far it made it beforehand. The same is true if I try to skip forwards/back in the songlist, resulting in the playback resetting to the first track. With over 1000 music tracks in my Bigbox library this is seriously hindering the enjoyment I can get out of this unfortunately, as I wish to use my BigBox as an 'Arcade Jukebox' of sorts when games aren't being played. I've been experimenting with other methods to get around using the abysmal media player but haven't found any that seem to quite cut it. My last attempt centered around using an external media player (Such as WinAMP) that can use windows system media controls (play/pause, stop, etc.) in conjunction with autohotkeys. Basically, I start playback on the media player and have it paused when an emulator is launched and played once again when the emulator is closed. This works for the most part, however even when "Always on Top" is on it unfortunately does not display the song title/album/artist/artwork in the corner like usual, which is a major deal breaker considering the meticulous work that I have put into collecting metadata for these tracks. Also, if one attempts to quit the game too fast, it is possible that the script can terminate whereas the emulator does not, leading to the game staying up and having music play over it. I just really wish the Devs would address this persistent problem, yes media playback is just an extra feature to the actual game playing but considering the work that has gone into adding media functionality in recent updates I think an overhaul to the BigBox media playback is completely justifiable as a concern. Please, someone fix this! 😟
  9. Weird thing is that this has actually been a problem since before the implementation of platform-specific music. I started using Bigbox around a year ago and as far as I can recall this has been a persistent issue since I have been using it. For now my effective (but hilariously inefficient) way of dealing with it is having the folders for each game split so that only 2-3 tracks from each game is in a given folder which are then nested in their own subfolder and run through software such as FlexRenamer which assigns randomized numerical names to the folders so they can be 'shuffled'. The actual game soundtrack folders are nested so their names will remain unchanged so it is easy to find soundtrack files without digging through a ton of numbered folders. This is absolutely ridiculous and hilariously impractical but I really don't mind since having my music at least remotely able to be shuffled is well worth it in my opinion and if I want to shuffle again all I have to do is run the shuffle program again. 🤷‍♂️
  10. So glad to see someone else has the same problem as me! I've mentioned this on the forums before and nobody ever seems to offer any explanations or solutions! As you, I also have a massive selection of music (I think close to 20 hours of non-looping arcade music as of this writing) and it is a pain that it does not shuffle. I have resorted to making several dozen folders named in a convention like a - b - ... - zz with music from different games randomly shuffled in the folders and games with more than two tracks also being split into subfolders to give the "illusion" of it being shuffled. This is obviously a ridiculous amount of work for what it is but I value my BigBox machine as a retro arcade jukebox almost as much as it is a frontend for the actual games! I'd say that aside from this the frontend is everything I could ask for, but it's just a shame I have this thorn constantly in my side.
  11. This isn't so much a feature per-say but I was wondering if there is some way I could edit Big Box to have the song details remain on the screen for longer when playing background music? I know it's not in any plugins thus-far and it would be relatively unimportant for the majority of users, but I have an impressive music collection of arcade songs on my unit with a lot of information displayed when switching songs so I figure I can see if it is some simple value that can be edited in a config file somewhere or something along those lines. Please let me know if this isn't the place for such a discussion and I can gladly move to the appropriate location!
  12. Hey, I was wondering if anybody else has a problem with their background music not shuffling properly in Big Box even if the option is checked in the Big Box settings? Mine just go alphabetically down the folders in Launchbox/Music/Background and no matter what I can't seem to have them properly shuffle. 😩🙄
  13. But doesn't that replace all values with whatever you entered? It'd be nice if you could just add one value to a bunch of games whose parameters don't necessarily have to match to begin with.
  14. I really wish they had a better bulk edit feature. I have this exact issue and have a long time. I hate having to individually edit almost a thousand games when I decide to change/update a tag.
  15. It seems to definitely be an issue with attract mode, I tried the same conditions when it is disabled and never had the problem of it randomly selecting the game. It's not really something that has any real effect on usability or performance, but quite an oddity for sure.
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