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A Couple Tweaks to Console List and Games List UIs?


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I must say I'm really impressed with the pace of development and dedication to LaunchBox and Big Box and am a happy customer.  Kudos.

I'm using the Big Box setup and am curious about a couple UI tweaks which would make my setup more useful.  

  1. In the console wheel view, when you highlight a favorite or recent game, is it possible to change the console information into game summary information and maybe play game footage so that you don't have to enter detail view on the game?  This would actually be really useful for games without cover art, since the game title is also not displayed anywhere in this UI.
  2. When you enter a console list view, are there any themes which might spice up the wheel portion of this UI to something more akin to the console wheel?  It seems like maybe hyperspin is using the marquee images for this?  Or maybe a "game wall" layout, and when you highlight a game it will play its video (similar to an enhanced view of the LaunchBox default view)?  Or other views of the list UI?  Is this even theme-able right now?



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There are a few views with the default, and tons of other themes that can do a lot of what you're asking. If there isn't a view in one of them that exactly does this, maybe a theme creator like @CriticalCid could add a new view to their theme to come up with a closer option? However, I do think what you're specifically looking for, at least for the most part, is handeled, I just couldn't tell you what Theme off the top of my head would do that. Take a look around the downloads section though: http://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/

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