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  1. Can get individual movies, but not bulk

    I have an update here. I kept playing around, and found that small batches were working for me, but not when I was trying to update the whole platform. I set out to investigate, and what I found was what appears to be an issue in handling duplicates. This is a little strange, since I have duplicates for other platforms that haven't exhibited any issues. However, I confirmed through various tests that when I selected batches that had multi-CD games that identified as the same game in LaunchBox, the movie download portion was not working. Regardless of batch size, when I selected a batch that did not have any duplicate-identified games, the movie downloads would work as expected. I haven't sniffed the wire to dig deeper yet since I've already resolved my issue, but based on how the UI is behaving, it would seem that the issue is in LB querying EmuMovies with a duplicate title and EmuMovies not liking that very much.
  2. Nvidia Shield Gamestream and two controllers

    I'm really hoping to see this addressed, too. It's the last thing keeping my setup from being perfect for my environment. And yes, Jason, thank you for your amazing software.
  3. Can get individual movies, but not bulk

    Yes, the games have LB IDs. I just tried again. Same story. I Ctrl+A to select the games on the platform, then select to download Metadata and Media. Select only movies (all forms), and then select to replace all existing media, just to be sure. I can see it "Searching for Video_MP4" and "Searching for Video_MP4_HI_QUAL". But nothing downloads. Then, if I select a random game, right-click, and edit. Download meta-data, EmuMovies tab. I can see "Video - Gameplay (High Quality)" is checked by default among some other things. I can successfully download, and the game shows the video properly in Big Box. Most of the games still do not have videos. This seems to be the only platform that I have this issue with. I can see that EmuMovies has the video packs listed on the site (in addition to being able to download one-at-a-time).
  4. My BB setup is pretty great these days, and most everything has movies. However, Sega Saturn is largely missing movies. Using the "Download Metadata and Media" doesn't seem to pull in the movie files from EmuMovies when operating in bulk, even with all the options checked. I can see in the status bar it seems to be looking for them, but nothing ends up downloading. If I go into the individual games, the movie files will show up and can be downloaded. I would prefer not to do this individually for each game. Am I missing anything, or is there a bug in the system?
  5. Aha, I see it now. Options -> Views -> Game List View. Thanks!
  6. I must say I'm really impressed with the pace of development and dedication to LaunchBox and Big Box and am a happy customer. Kudos. I'm using the Big Box setup and am curious about a couple UI tweaks which would make my setup more useful. In the console wheel view, when you highlight a favorite or recent game, is it possible to change the console information into game summary information and maybe play game footage so that you don't have to enter detail view on the game? This would actually be really useful for games without cover art, since the game title is also not displayed anywhere in this UI. When you enter a console list view, are there any themes which might spice up the wheel portion of this UI to something more akin to the console wheel? It seems like maybe hyperspin is using the marquee images for this? Or maybe a "game wall" layout, and when you highlight a game it will play its video (similar to an enhanced view of the LaunchBox default view)? Or other views of the list UI? Is this even theme-able right now? Thanks!