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  1. Hey all, I've noticed that many of my steam games don't seem to get any trailers or gameplay videos, even for more popular games. There are what I would call trailers in the steam store for these games, but LaunchBox doesn't seem to pull them consistently. Any ideas? Edit: Title clarity
  2. Hey Neil - I realize the age of the thread, but it was still relevant for me. Given that I did not uncheck those boxes when I started the reimport (I would have assumed the "update but don't don't replace metadata" option in other metadata import flows - I didn't see this option during the full import flow, unless I missed it), what should I do now? Am I going to end up with double the meta-data as I have with launchbox in the past for this platform, or will launchbox be replacing the media of what has already been downloaded?
  3. I kinda wish I had found this before. This is not super intuitive. I have a similar profile as the OP in this thread - I have a new folder with a complete set, and essentially wanted to "migrate" to the new folder. So I selected to import a full mame set, and now all the metadata is fully redownloading and is now only ~50% done after running all night, even though I already have it all local. I'm also afraid that when this is done, I'll end up with a bunch of duplicates - both entries as well as gigabytes of duplicated metadata! We'll see... it would be nice if launchbox was a little more intelligent about his when reimporting a full MAME set.
  4. That's it. Thanks so much, and for the timely reply!
  5. Does anyone have a solution for games which don't seem to like being launched directly? I can't seem to launch subnautica directly through launchbox; I seem to be required to go through the epic launcher...
  6. It's not a connectivity dynamic. There's a performance optimization needed in the app to address this. I can pick the exact spot where it will happen as the app loads, and it happens when the "recent" and "favorites" images fold into the screen as the app loads.
  7. How do we do this in Launchbox.Next? I'd like to be able to add the games separately than only add the launcher... Edit: answered my own question, but it's not super intuitive. I selected the platform filter, and then right-clicked an empty area in the list pane, then selected "Add (Ctrl N)". It's easier to add games that have emulators, but Windows games not listed as an installed app are trickier.
  8. Finally got multiple controllers working through GameStream with RetroArch... kinda. With the latest Shield TV update, the XBox 360 controller has severe Dpad input lag - see this thread: Unfortunately, now I can't get the analog sticks to work with the 360 controller in order to work around this issue in RetroArch. The analog sticks work fine in BigBox with this controller (and without the dpad input latency issue). I call it "latency", but that really isn't the right word. The linked thread describes the problem perfectly.
  9. The value of the platform wheel view is limited for the "favorites" line because it only shows a maximum of 10 favorites. Similarly, I would personally love to have more than 10 "recent" items, as well. Of course you can just go into the platform, but I love to launch directly from the platform wheel view. If anybody else agrees, there is a feature request that can be upvoted - https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4259/make-the-number-of-favorite-and-recent
  10. duerra

    Audit feature

    Annnnd then I got duplicates again within the same platform. So I just followed up and executed each platform folder independently from the adjacent ones.
  11. duerra

    Audit feature

    Thanks for the CloneSpy recommendation. Note that this also deletes duplicate clear logo images for different platforms. I executed the delete anyway for simplicity's sake, then re-downloaded the clear logo images for the different platforms that went missing after the first operation, so that I still had nice clear logos for games available on multiple platforms.
  12. Attached a video to demonstrate. 20180605_070534_1.mp4
  13. As it turns out, it's not the sound file (startup.wav from the Launchbox/Sounds/Sci-Fi Set 1 by Clavius/ folder. When I play the sound file itself, it works without issue. As I look closer, I can see that the stutter in the sound is happening when the currently selected platform loads its image that image "folds" on-screen during BigBox initialization sequence.
  14. Yup. The startup sound definitely stutters on me for every single load, without exception. And I have a powerful system with an SSD. Must be a bad sound file that doesn't get updated when using the auto update feature.
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