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EmuMovies Sync Utility - any point running this?


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I have an EMUMOVIES account...I've already downloaded all media using launchbox....is there ANY point whatsoever running emumovies sync utility.exe?  Will this find more assets, not hurt my existing media downloads (not duplicate them) or am I wasting my time bothering?

Thanks in advance.

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If your only purpose is to download media for LaunchBox, and are using the downloader within LaunchBox, then no, there isn't really a reason to. At least not that I know of. If the game you have in LB is differently named than it is on EmuMovies, like the Database, it should have a little bit of variance and still catch it. So, if a game name is a little off, and it's caught, you download the video during import or after the fact, it will put the video in the proper location and have it be the proper name as well. I don't know if it's a major issue, but if the files you download are named slightly off from your rom file or the name of the game inside of LB, even if you manually put it in the right location, it wont automatically attach. You'd need to rename the rom file (which leads to other issues), the entry inside of LB, or the video file. Multiply that by however much. So the tool is obviously very beneficial, but since LaunchBox has it built in, with a little bit of leeway and features tailored for the users in LB, and LB is your only focus, then I don't really think so.

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