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Big Box just showing Black Screen


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Yes.  But now I'm having an issue where the entire thing lags out.  I'm on an i7 2700k OC to 4.5GHz, 16 GB RAM, and if it matters, a GTX 670.  I also only have MAME on there, but I have nearly a full Romset.  I feel like this is almost as convoluted as HyperSpin at this point.  Oh well, I'll hope that I'm just making a mistake here.

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I think I might have an idea what's happening here guys, sorry for the late reply @laodaron. I'm doing some testing and it seems to happen only when you only have a single platform and can't move up and down in the list. I'll get a fix into a beta soon but in the mean time you should be able to get around it just by adding another platform in LaunchBox.

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This is happening to me too... with 8 platforms... startup.mp4 from the download section of the forums. . black screen.


Okay, so I kind of narrowed it down. When I get the black intro screen, I can closed out Big Box mode and go to videos directory and double-click and play startup.mp4 with VLC. I close that and the next time I run Big Box Mode, the video plays correctly (no black screen), but when I close Big Box and try to open Big Box again, black screen intro. Reopening the video temp fixes it for one startup. Maybe this can help you pinpoint this issue with a patch/fix? Hope this helps.

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