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MSX2 issue, got MSX workling, arrrgh


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What is happening when you try BlueMSX, a black screen? If that's the case, then the BIOS are probably wrong. When googling, it's a 6mb set with a lot of sub folders. The blueMSX INFO files shows some info, but there are too many variations to list unlike most core info files that list the bios requirements. It does tell you that it goes in /RetroArch/system/Machines/.

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No fmsx core is BLACK screen (after loading controller inputs msg comes up..bluemsx is completely not launching...works fine with MSX though...and yeah I uncompressed what I had into the Retroarch System folder (into a machine subfolder), seems to work for MSX anyways...hmmm...I'll try to find a different set of bioses


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I downloaded the full ZIP pack for the BLUEMSX emulator, and it has a machine folder with a BOAT LOAD of bios images....extracted that into the retroarch\system\machine folder...


I'm using the same core DLL and CFG file as MSX in platforms under LB right?  Just a different platform name that matches the one I have my games in, correct?


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On 1/15/2017 at 0:56 AM, cleverest said:

Fixed it....apparently I had to remove the identical CFG reference under my MSX2 in LB, just leave the core...now it opened...saved a new cfg for this....glad that worked!


could you detail? I'm running into the same issue with my MSX 2 files not launching via RA with bluemsx core.Thanks in advance

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