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  1. @L3X3CU710N3R, those look pretty sweet. Do you have a link to them?
  2. faeran, very VERY nice work. Can't wait to install. I love the look and feel the whole way around. Thanks for creating for us! *edited for spelling
  3. hey man, relax and enjoy the forums a bit eh? A lot of us work and have other responsibilities we have to tend to. There's plenty of content here to occupy us and take our minds off of our particular problem until someone answers. It's all good and am sure you'll get your issue resolved soon enough : )
  4. nooice! thanks @harryoke
  5. Good Morning all, scouring the interweb and having trouble coming up with a clear logo for PC Engine CD as well as the start screen. Would anyone have by chance or can point me to a resource? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks @8Phantasm, any chance for PC Engine CD clear logo?
  7. @Grila, thanks for showing. I'd definitely use this as my main theme! Side question, where do you find your fanart? I love alot of the art shown for individual titles as you scrolled through.
  8. will threadjack here... how about clips for PC games? besides YT? would love to find a source with all gameplay no commentary.
  9. I have. I grabbed them and will compare with what I have to see if any better.
  10. @faeran, absolutely LOVE these! I do hope you have more you'll be releasing for us now that you have us foaming at the mouth! Seriously, great work and thank you for creating and sharing with us!
  11. any chance of mulitple views with your release? All look great, but feel in love instantly with the last view of your first post where the clear logo is sitting behind the banner.
  12. @shinra358, looks hella slick. I've possibly found my new theme...
  13. loved the comments on the YT page from two of our very own. I hope the link installs stuxnet and mydoom for those looking for a free ride...
  14. @Nyny77, how far do you plan to take the project? How many systems?
  15. i really, really like where this is going! awesome work ny
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