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Make part of image the background in GIMP


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Hello All,

I'm attempting to mock up some new box-art for Castlevania Chorus of Mysteries (ROM hack) since I want something that looks more like the classic Konami art from the NES. I'm having trouble with figuring out how to get the right side of the characters body to appear behind the "piping" on that side of the box. I want to keep the whip and the rest of the character in the foreground as it is, but can't figure out how to get that part of the body into the background. I figure it's with the Foreground Select Tool, but I guess I'm not doing it properly or something. If anyone out there who is more proficient with GIMP than I am knows how to make this work, I'd appreciate it. I literally just learn as I go with this program, but this is giving me a hard time figuring out and what I've searched isn't turning up the effect that I'm looking for.


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You used layers in the first pic, which was the correct idea. and the last pic you have flattened the image. But keep the layers in the original file and save the "final" one as psd (if thats whats its called in gimp) and save a copy for web (jpg, png). I think you have done correctly if you used layers and masks. Similar as you would do in Photoshop.

Nice work! 

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In the second image, I had merged the layers because I gave up on trying to get the effect I wanted and just would up using the Fuzzy Select Tool to select the sections I wanted the right side of the character to be under and used the paint brush to fill in the areas :D 

In GIMP it's XCF, but same idea as PSD :D

And thanks!

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