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  1. THK


    wrong forum section maybe?
  2. too bad the official Rockman website didn't have the chars separated
  3. Why? it's a very easy vector redraw, I bet you could redraw it in a few minutes.
  4. I've done a NESiCAxLive, should be in the arcade system logo set Taito Nesica.zip
  5. Just request: make THK's logo set into Neon logos
  6. I get that I know my way around PS, just that if the variations weren't that great, it might've been a decent starting point for anyone trying to make a similar logo.
  7. You could save the layer style(s) for others to use of course. Even though they might vary from logo to logo.
  8. Just get your hands on Photoshop through normal or 'alternative' channels if you want anything done efficiently and have the people able to help you
  9. GIMP... I feel for you unfortunately I can't help outside of PS
  10. Maybe something more like this, but the letters better stylized
  11. the logo's text style is crap I could do something better in a jiffy, just not any specific idea on what style would fit. But basically anything other than this would be better. I'm from HS, one of those OCD quality control bastards
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