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Can we get a focus on bug fixes for the next few betas?


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First of all, the new features are fantastic. Great work on that.

My problem is with long standing bugs which are still not fixed, as of the latest launchbox beta.

1) The game list duplicates issue has still not been fixed. If you only have a single (or a few) game(s) in your collection for x console, it will display repeated in bigbox several times and looks rather silly. If there is only one game, or only 3 games, only that amount of games should be displayed. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/1756/duplicate-games-in-coverflow <- bug report was opened in October.

2) When launching bigbox, sometimes the platform wheel images load as colored rectangles and take about 3>5 seconds to load in with the correct images.

3) Bigbox is unresponsive for about 4>5 seconds after launching (not every time, but often). makes the platform videos playback delayed and also disables all menu interaction. I thought the added benefit of startup videos was so things could be initialised in the background whilst it is being played?

4) There seems to be a discrepancy between launchbox's naming conventions and emumovies conventions for certain titles. Nearly all of the legend of zelda titles are not able to be found on emumovies (via launchbox), despite existing there.

Any ETA on these fixes ?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!.


PS: Jason, sorry for not getting back to you in a while, i've been (and still am) off work with a long term chronic pain condition

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Hi @dannyg86, no problem on not getting back to me; sorry to hear you're still going through health issues. These issues are all on my list, but unfortunately they're not very high priority. I have been working on primarily bug fixes, performance improvements, etc. for the last couple of weeks already.

Per #1, having just a few games in a platform isn't really that common, and we haven't gotten many complaints on it, so I haven't focused on it. I agree that it's not ideal though.

Per #2, I did significantly improve this recently; not sure if you're on the latest beta, but it should be much better with loading the images efficiently. I am curious to know if the latest beta improves things for you.

#3 I have not been able to reproduce, but I sure would love to figure it out and get it fixed. Any details on this would appreciated.

#4 is mostly the fault of the EmuMovies API, so there's only so much I can do. It is helpful to report specific issues to them (specific things not found) so they can go through and fix it in their database.

Thanks Danny. :)

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Thanks for the reply @Jason Carr!

RE:1 - I have 3 systems with very few games, commodore 64 (1), GBA (3), Sega Saturn (3). Surprised to hear that it isn't common. This bug in particular is a big visual problem for my library at least. I don't intend on ever extending the GBA and Commodore libraries, as I literally only played those 4 games as a kid. Has it been looked at yet? Seems like a fairly trivial fix from the outside at least.

RE: 2 - I am on the latest beta indeed. It doesn't happen that often, i'd say about one in every 4>6 launches.

RE: 3 - Will get the steps to reproduce and report back :)

RE: 4 - Gotcha, makes sense!

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I've figured out why some games (Zelda, notably) cannot be found when searching emumovies via launchbox.

Launchbox's naming conventions for Zelda titles is correct.. i.e. The Legend of Zelda: xxx, whereas Emumovies uses: i.e. Legend of Zelda, The: xxx convention.

@Jason Carr Is it possible to extend the scraper to search for both variants for games which could be named either way? Or is this an issue that Emumovies should be correcting?


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