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  1. Machello

    BigBox Performance and How to Make it Better

    I think I found something why themes may not working properly (in some cases). At least I hope . I use a gaming laptop (2013) for my LB/BB setup. Specs: Windows 10 home Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.4 Ghz 8 gigs ram GTX 765M 1 tb 5400 RPM laptop disk 2500 games I also own an arcade cab with a much older pc (2010). Specs: Windows 10 home Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.667 Ghz 4 gigs ram Asus EAH5850 1 tb samsung spinpoint 2500 games (same setup) In this example I use Critical Zone V2 BlueBox BackgroundFanart Only theme. It's runs very very smooth on my arcade cab. On my (much better) this theme is having problems when the video's kick in. For example: I have 3 categories in Platform categories: Consoles, Handhelds and Playlists. Playlist does not have a video, the other 2 do. When I am at playlist and switch to one of the other, everything is smooth like butter. But when I'm on Consoles / Handhelds and the Video is playing, BB is becoming slower. I added a demo video for demonstration (hope it's good to view) BigBox Example Now for the issue: A collegue of mine suggested that BigBox is using the internal laptop graphic card (Intel HD graphics 4600) in stead of my GTX 765M. He said I had to disable the internal card so BigBox will always use the GTX card. I don't have a BIOS option to disable my internal graphic card so I disabled it in device manager.... I had good hopes this would solve it, but in stead of seeing smooth BB it became even more slow... Now for my question: Is it possible that BB somehow has issues with internal graphical cards? It looks like it don't uses my GFX card...
  2. Machello

    7.12-beta-1 Released

    Can't make everybody happy
  3. Machello

    7.12-beta-1 Released

    You guys totally rock. Always ready for help, responding quick. Jason could not wish for better 'volunteers'. My compliments!
  4. Machello

    7.12-beta-1 Released

    What a topic this became, and what a teamwork guys! Don't know what GunerX is was talking about. Keep up to good work! And Jason, I think you proved you are not letting down LB/BB after introducing Music Box Alpha. Big release man, appreciate your hard work!
  5. Sorry for my late response too! No hurries, my real life situation is pretty killable too . Looking forward for your fix.
  6. Machello

    SNES Classic Clear Logo

    Hi @angelobodetti, thanks :-). I uploaded both files without the 'stars'. If you want photoshopped clean files you need to ask someone else. I don't have PS skills (would be great to have though )
  7. @CriticalCid Hi Cid, Can you tell me if this is possible? I did look at the xaml file but don't know what I need to change to get the banner at that spot.
  8. Hi Cid, First I wanna say (again) I really like Critical Zone V2. I'm using the bluebox version and have a question. I'm using the reignstumble artwork pack. I accidentally copied these in de Platform Clear Logo folder in the theme folder and I was really happy seeing them in the games view :-). I want to use the clear logo images for platform wheels so keeping the reingstumble artwork pack in Clear Logo folder aint the option :-). TL;DR: Is it possible to show the Banner logo's in Horizontal Wheel 3 games view? Edit: Added a screenshot with the wheel view including the banner logo
  9. Machello

    Retroarch and DS4 Controller

    Hi, I am using DS4 windows too. Does Wireless #1 work for you in RetroArch? My PS4 controller only works when I use wireless in xinput modus. Wireless #1 is not working. Any idea what I am doing wrong ?
  10. Machello

    Showing off the BigBox

    Am switching between work laptop and private laptop with Launchbox Bigbox. Working at the moment. Will try asap to launch one of the games in the playlists and hope details will appear. Will let you know! EDIT: Just started some games but details in platform category for Playlists won't change. However, there are (correct) details in playlists available. I can see which game I mostly played (the one I just started) and play count etc.
  11. Machello

    Showing off the BigBox

    All the options in BB Platform details are selected. I see options like you have like: Total Games, Games Completed and Play Count. But where there are numbers in your setup, mine displays 0. The note part I allready sorted out :-). Only the details section is 'empty'. I added a screenshot how it looks like.
  12. Machello

    Showing off the BigBox

    Ok, another question: In your setup, there are usefull details beneith the Playlists Platform Category. This ain't working in my setup. I only see : Total Games: 0 Games Completed: 0 Play Count: 0 How did you do that ?
  13. Machello

    Clear Logo won't work

    I added the SNES Classic Logo to the download section. Like I said, it ain't graphical perfection, but it works for me
  14. Version 2.0.0


    I have created a Clear Logo for the SNES Classic Edition. I used the NES Classic clear logo from : Just a thing I created with paint so there isn't an empty platform logo in my setup . Far from the quality other people create but I uploaded just in case someone can use it.
  15. Machello

    SNES Classic Clear Logo

    SNES Classic Clear Logo View File I have created a Clear Logo for the SNES Classic Edition. I used the NES Classic clear logo from : Just a thing I created with paint so there isn't an empty platform logo in my setup . Far from the quality other people create but I uploaded just in case someone can use it. Submitter Machello Submitted 10/06/2017 Category Playlist Clear Logos