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  1. Unable to access LB Forums via Tapatalk

    Other forums work fine for me, only launchbox is failing. Still broken, no solution yet?
  2. SNES Classic Edition

    Very Nice! I mentioned this playlist in another topic :-). All we need now is some cool artwork from the snes classic menu and a playlist video. Thanks for the list! Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 6P met Tapatalk
  3. Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    Maybe it's fun to create a NES / SNES classic playlist with a theme video of the device and games on it. For people who didn't got one and still want toen play the classic collection... Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 6P met Tapatalk
  4. Changes gone when restarting LB of opening BB

    Didn't using it as much as I would :-). Much to busy. Glad it's fixed. I was out of ideas too
  5. Changes gone when restarting LB of opening BB

    Hi Lordmonkus, Deleting from \Launchbox\Data\Platforms and importing again did the trick :-). Didn't see the \Launchbox\Data\Platforms Backups folder though. I saw there was a sync conflict (with backup), don't know if that was the issue, deleted both the conflict and Nintendo Gamecube.xml. Thanks for the tip mate!! Kind regards, Machello Edit: I'm a software tester in real life, I always break stuff with weird issues. It's my job LoL !!
  6. Hi Guys, I'm having a weird issue with LB/BB. Im using release 7.10. I have 2 new games for Gamecube which I import. Import works, games are playable but when I start BB from LB or restart LB, the games are gone. I tried to delete the gamecube platform so I can import it as a new one. But when I remove and restart LB, Gamecube is still there... Anyone know why this is happening and if so, what is a possible solution. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Machello Imported games gone.docx
  7. I am leaving LaunchBox effective... well right now

    Watched a lot of your vids. Thanks for all the good stuff mate. All the best wishes for you. See you around! Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 6P met Tapatalk
  8. Metallic Theme

    Still using this theme, I love it. Yet, I hope there will be game views for this theme. The platform views are awesome!!!
  9. Metallic Theme

    Hiya, Any idea if there will be created game views? Still like this theme very much!
  10. New fan made Mega Man

    Pretty neat. Mega man fan here. Will give it a try in the near future
  11. Cosmic Energy Startup Video

    I like your style mate :-) !
  12. CriticalZone

    Hi Cid, I just updated to the latest beta and your theme is finally performing much much better :-) !! It's not perfect yet, I could do some tweaking myself and I am sure the theme and LB/BB will be better and better! Really love the 2nd horizontal wheel. Keep up the good work, you are a real artist my friend
  13. This is a good start. Credits to SentaiBrad!
  14. Blue Explosion Startup Video

    This is absolutely great! Damn, This community has a lot of great creative people!