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MSU-1 Platform Theme Video (16:9)


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MSU-1 Platform Theme Video (16:9)

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A theme video for MSU-1 enhanced games. I use a separate platform category for these, so I made a video for anyone else that does the same. The song is called "Catharsis" by Geoplex. You can download for free at Newgrounds:  http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/724826


MSU-1 Platform Theme Video (16:9)

If you are unfamiliar with MSU-1:

MSU-1 (Media Streaming Unit – Revision 1) is a Super Nintendo-only, processing architecture developed by Byuu, author of the bsnes/Higan emulator. This technology brings a realization to “what could have been” had Nintendo not abandoned the deal with Sony to develop a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo. Instead of getting the Sony PlayStation as a standalone console, it would have been the Nintendo Play Station CD-ROM attachment for the Super Nintedo.

This technology allows for an additional 4GBs of storage for Super Nintendo games. It’s primary use, thus far, has been to create CD quality soundtracks for Super Nintendo games. It can also be used to add FMVs (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) and, in some case, allows for games to be ported to the Super Nintendo (the Sega CD FMV game Road Avenger has been ported to the Super Nintendo using this technology).

In many cases, the CD soundtracks have been provided, royalty-free, but there are some exceptions and you must buy the soundtracks from the composer(s) (Chrono Trigger being one such case).

Currently, Byuu’s own emulator is compatible with this technology (the bsnes cores in RetroArch are also compatible) and SNES9X (as of version 1.54 - thanks for the correction @lordmonkus) as is the Super Nintendo flash cartridge, SD2SNES.

There are currently 10 games that have patches to make use of this technology (all of them featured in the video), but it is technically compatible with all Super Nintendo games, should any one decide to put in the leg work to make a patch.

More info on this is here:




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It's a recent addition but like I said its very much a work in progress, some games work fine but others sound awful. One nice little benefit with it from what I have seen in some quick testing was that you can simply just load the rom itself instead of pointing to the .bml file like Retoarch Bsnes.

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