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Advice on cleaning up missing games


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So I'm importing ROMS into LaunchBox, obviously some games will not find metadata and boxart.  I am manually finding the boxart, carts, 3d carts etc, and putting them into the right folder spot.  After doing a few, I thought to myself, there must be a better way, because if I can find these carts, maybe the matching just didn't work.  Before going in and manually downloading what's missing, is there a way I can go into the game, see if you guys have it in a database or something already, and link them to auto download all the images and metadata, before doing the manual process?

Let me know if this is confusing and I'll clarify.

Thanks again!

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Yes, right click -> edit a game, and check the top right of the edit page. If there is a blue link, that means it was attached, and so you should click the bottom right button to download media. If it was found, then the game attached but didn't download media for some reason. If no media is found, then the entry exists, but not it's media. You can change the name, or make it shorter (like cutting off sub-names), then click search, then a selector will drop down and show you what it finds. You can then click on the entry to apply the metadata, then download media with the same button in the bottom right. If a game wasn't found, you can try changing the name a bit some more, or manually check the database from the site. If you are finding metadat and media for games manually, I would instead ask that you add these to the Database so that everyone can benefit from your findings. Just please make sure to follow the Submission Guidelines, and if you have questions, you can make a thread in the Database section or in our Discord server.

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