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  1. Currently the import from RomList does not have a LaunchBox option am I right mgtroyas? wirtual82, can you share how you did this?
  2. Thanks mgtroyas. From reading through your links, GBLauncher currently doesn't create xml's for launchbox correct? So currently we are not able to get this to work with LB? Just want to ensure I'm understanding right.
  3. Hi, was wondering if anybody has figured out a workaround to get Gamebase 64 into launchbox, or if we are getting any closer to be able to import this?
  4. Hey guys, question...so I see that when there are duplicate games (such as region and revisions etc), it will download the same image for the different versions of the game. It will than append a hash of characters to the end of the file name to make it unique. I've hidden the duplicates of the games, but would also like to remove the duplicate media. -Is there a quick way to remove the duplicate media? -Is there a way to remove the hash of characters at the end of the filename, as they are no longer necessary as duplicates are gone...possibly an automatic way of doing this? I'v
  5. In LaunchBox, click on the menu as follows: -Tools>Manage Emulator -Click on Dolphin and press the Edit... button. -In the "Default Command-Line Parameters: type "/e" without the quotes -Check the box that says "Extract ROM archives before running". If this doesn't work, I'd just extract your GameCube ISO's and import them back in so you don't have to extract before running. Hope this helps
  6. I was having a similar problem, not sure if it is the same for you, but it's worth a shot. I found that since the GameCube files are zipped, it took too long to unzip, thus making Dolphin close. If you check the box to extract your ROMS before launching, there will be a delay before it opens, but it at least opens for me. Your alternative is not to have your GameCube in zip files, have them extracted already. Also, make sure you are using this parameter in your emulator in launch box "/e".
  7. Hi, when I imported all my roms, there were duplicates of games from different regions and revisions. After cleaning up the duplicates, there are a bunch of images (boxart, screenshots, etc) that still exist and show up. Some questions: 1.How do I remove all the duplicates, is there something built in, or do I need to find a windows tool to clean these duplicates. 2.How do I have it automatically change the file name back to the game title. (LaunchBox adds this hash of a bunch of random characters to distinguish duplicate images). I'd love to have the game titles without the
  8. Awesome, got it, thanks again Brad. Your responses are very quick and helpful. Reassures me that I made a good purchase. I'm able to get up and running quickly thanks to you.
  9. So I'm importing ROMS into LaunchBox, obviously some games will not find metadata and boxart. I am manually finding the boxart, carts, 3d carts etc, and putting them into the right folder spot. After doing a few, I thought to myself, there must be a better way, because if I can find these carts, maybe the matching just didn't work. Before going in and manually downloading what's missing, is there a way I can go into the game, see if you guys have it in a database or something already, and link them to auto download all the images and metadata, before doing the manual process? Let me kn
  10. Aah, thanks for your help guys. I had missed the manual and video checkbox on the second window that pops up for EmuMovies (I didn't see those options on the first menu). Also, not sure if it helped, but I restarted LaunchBox, which provided me more options (videos and manual) on the second option. I tried again after the responses you guys provided saying it was in fact on this menu. Hope this helps others. Summary: After upgrading to premium, when you update media and metadata, the options for video and manuals show up on the 2nd checkbox page. Restart Launchbox if you didnt s
  11. Hi, I was testing out LaunchBox before I upgraded to premium. I already added most of my games to the library and downloaded the boxart etc from Emumovies automatically. Now that I'm a premium owner, I want to automatically download the videos and manuals for the games in my collection. Is there something I can click to have it go through and download only those? I only see the download metadata and media button, which downloads what I already have...thanks in advance!
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