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english mame roms question


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Hello everyone!

LaunchBox is using the Japanese ROM for some of my games, for example Wonder Boy in Monster Land. I know I have all variants of the rom but not sure how to default Launchbox to use the english one. My sets are Merged. Is there a way to get Launchbox to use specific roms or even bootlegs that I want it to use?

Please help.


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On 2/18/2017 at 5:33 PM, SentaiBrad said:

If you're using a Merged Arcade set, that's why it's not assigning the proper region. Merged doesn't work well at all when importing in to LB. You'll need split or non-merged only (non-merged for .182 since split for .182 seems broken, but split for .174-.181 works).

Hello SentaiBrad.

I ran CLRmamepro's un-merge feature to split my Merged .177 set as suggested. I imported my games prioritizing North American ROMS, waited 12Hrs for all the artwork and metadata to update. I'm now missing particular roms (Double Dragon for example) in launchBox but have the SNK fighting game "Double Dragon". I checked the set for the North American rom ddragonu.7z and its in the set but did not import. Did I need to import Bootlegs as well? any suggestions? When I imported my merged set previously it did import double dragon, only that it was the Japanese ver. of the rom and the art work was incorrect, this was easily fixed though. 


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