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Anyone else in mood to help with Atari 800 gamedata?


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Being an 8 bit Atari fan I have found the Atari XE and Atari 800 sections lacking, so rather than moan about it,  am doing my best to improve the situation.  So far Ive managed to upload data for *I think* all Atari XEGS specific carts and am back to working on the multiple of tape/disc games.......Using the TOSEC as a base Ive worked my way through A and if i can find box art and a good description Ive added it. 

Anyway onto B, if anyone else fancies helping me out, pick a letter so we don't overlap :D

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I can help with Atari 800. I do own ALL the Tosec collection. ATR, CAS, XEX, etc

What help do you need?

I'll start at Z and work down. Have you got an example of what is required?

 I did have an Atari 800XL with disk drive in the '80s so I do know my around the machine too. 55 yo but still can't beat the Atari range of computers for programming on.

Yet to install Launchbox but I do know my around the other emulators for the Atari range.

Let me know anyway..


Atari Tosec.jpg

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Got more details to add
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Thanks for that. Will help a lot. I'm just sorting through ALL the variations of disk images and sorting into seperate folders. 

i.e. Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1986)(ArgoSoft Software)(Side A)[req OSb][BASIC] and Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1986)(ArgoSoft Software)(Side B)[req OSb][BASIC] will end up in 1 folder called Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1986)(ArgoSoft Software)[req OSb][BASIC]

Then I'll reduce even further when "W" folder is sorted through into each version which works best. Basically I'm stripping down the TOSEC into the smallest available working "package" so it will be easier to work on after with Launchbox. Will be adding video's and screenshots for each game too.

As you know there are k-file, [a], etc for most games.. That's what I'm sorting through at the moment with multi disk games. just seperating them into their own folder and it's fun.. lol

Once again, many thanks for your art. That will save a LOT of time.

I'll be doing this for ALL Atari models except for Atari Jaguar CD.. I don't have that Tosec "yet". Atari ST is going to be fun as very similiar folder setup as Atari 800 disks.. hehe

P.S. Got Launchbox installed but not done a thing with it yet. Doing this comes first so as to help community out and hopefully make it easier to include. Will post links for Launchbox add-ons when completed when I know what can be added or not into Launchbox.

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After the above this is next..

Same thing with sorting folders, etc

 I have Nintendo 64 roms ready that I stripped all the non English/unplayable titles so may just do that first as Atari800/ST will take ages. Just as a thank you basically. Will rar/zip roms after and upload to Mega.NZ ready for anyone else if needed as I do need practice with Launchbox first. 


Atari ST Tosec.jpg

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Not sure what you're trying to accomplish but it seems a bit unneccessary

Delete all but the Atari St games , rename  "Games" to Atari ST and put this folder in your Launchbox/Games Folder

Move that unzipped Atari ST images folder I shared to Launchbox/Images

Move this xml file to Launchbox/Data/Platforms Atari ST.xml

all that's left is to add an emulator - there's video tutorials on you tube for that

I use Hatari and the Retroarch hatari librettro core

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