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Hello guys!

I'm a noob, but I have a very specific goal: I want to set up an emulator system in which I NEVER see any windows, dialog boxes or stuff like that. Everything should be full screen and console-like while in use. Some emulators, like RetroArch, are easy like that; they boot directly to full screen, and when they quit they just go back to LauchBox. Others, like WinVICE for C64, give me problems; in WinVICE's case, it starts up in full screen, but when I exit it shrinks to a smaller window for half a second before LaunchBox comes back.

I've tried going through RocketLauncher and using fades, but even with an out-fade that stupid, little window pops in to mock me before the fade starts. Does anybody know a way to deal with this? I would be perfectly happy with the screen going black for a few seconds while an emulator starts or closes and whatever happens behind the scenes... could anything like that be done with that AutoHotKey-stuff I keep reading about?

Thanks in advance!

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huhu here is a script found, written for AutoHotKey. Actually it is maximazing every new window.....

WinGetActiveTitle, Title
IfNotInString, MyItemList, %Title%
EnvSet, MyItemList, %MyItemList% %Title%
sleep 1000


I hope this`ll work. I could not test it before!

Just let us now if its working the way you wanted it to be ;-)



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Thanks, m3TTwUrsT:)

Unfortunately, the script doesn't help much; it makes the screen flash black periodically (presumably each time the WinVICE window recieves a command to maximize), and when I quit I still see a short flash of a smaller window before WinVICE closes down.

I've been doing some research; the AutoHotkey command "Gui" is supposedly able to create a new, all black window, for instance like this:

Gui, -Border -Caption +AlwaysOnTop

Gui, Color, Black

Gui, Show, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight%, Example


Seems like I could put the above before a command to close the WinVice window (which would then close behind the black window), and then remove the black window. Problem is, I can't get the Gui-command to work while WinVice is running. When I run the above nothing happens, at least the window that's supposed to show up isn't anywhere to be seen.

Edit: I tried running it after first collapsing WinVice from full screen to a smaller window with alt+d, and doing so, the black Gui-window was able to be triggered. When in full screen, though, nothing visible happens, although I've noticed I have to press esc before WinVICE will respond to commands (indicating perhaps that a new but invicible window is hopvering above it and needs to be quit?)

Hm, maybe this isn't noob-stuff... maybe I'll go ask on the Autohotkey-forums.

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