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  1. Hi guys! I'm trying to get into theme creation, but I can't figure out how to edit the Game Details View in y2guru's excellent theme creator. Is this possible? Alternatively, is it possible to add box art that flips whey you push the hotkey for "Flip box" in any of the other views? I can't for the life of me find any information about this in the forum... I see the first question has been asked three times in the CTC-thread, but never answered.
  2. A couple of people have asked in this thread allready, but I couldn't find an answer... is it possible to edit the game details view with the community theme creator? Cheers!
  3. For f***s sake... thank you guys. I saw the thing about unblocking, right clicked the .zip, saw that the box was unchecked, and assumed an unchecked box must mean an unblocked .zip. On closer inspection, the box says "unblock", so to unblock you have to check it, not uncheck it. Stupid mistake on my part, again, thank you for helping me out.
  4. Hi! I just recently found out about this software, and I got so excited; I always wanted to create themes for Bogbox, but it seemed like you had to be a programmer to do so. Thank you so much for making it! But alas, I can't get the theme creator to work... when I open it, something like 30 error boxes pop up, all with the message "Due to code errors, the following UI element has been disabeled". When I click "Edit view" a window with text pops up for a second or so, and then the program quits. Any idea what the problem could be?
  5. Thanks for the lightning quick response:) Game details view, that's the page where you get the list of commands, like play, view manual, flip box et cetera, right? That's the thing, I navigate to that view, but I can't see any of the merged entries. I can se "play", but if I select it the game just starts on the first ROM. I've played around with the options though, maybe I've disabeled something! I'm using the New Retro theme, if it matters.
  6. Hi guys! I haven't been able to find an answer to this by searching the forum, or in Brads otherwise excellent YouTube-video on the merge/split-feature (nor in its comment section for that matter). How do you launch ROM nr. 2, 3 and so forth from BigBox when the ROMs are merged to one game? In standard Launchbox it's easy, you just right click and get a menu, but I can't figure out how to do the same thing in BigBox with a controller. Thanks in advance!
  7. So, I'm sure you guys figured this out a long time ago, but adding this ahk-script to the retroarch emulator in launchbox is one way to go: Loop { WinWait, ahk_exe retroarch.exe IfWinExist { MouseGetPos, 1920, 1080, 0 MouseMove, 9999, 9999 BlockInput, MouseMove BlockInput, MouseMoveOff MouseMove, %MX%, %MY%, 0 } Sleep 1000 }
  8. Ah, thanks to both of you! I somehow hadn't noticed that setting. Then I'll always have the option to bypass if I'm not able to edit the TextGamesView-file more to my liking.
  9. Hey guys! I've been trying to learn how themes work; I've watched Jason's videos on Visual Studio, I've downloaded the community version and played around with it, and I've experimented with editing view files and corresponding images/videos within the awesome themes I've downloaded from this forum... your know, just changing stuff around to learn what happens, hoping to be able to match Critical Cid or Viking one day far, far into the future. There are some things I can't seem to figure out, though... for instance, your start out in big box by selecting a platform in a platform view
  10. sozuke

    Hiding windows

    Thanks, m3TTwUrsT:) Unfortunately, the script doesn't help much; it makes the screen flash black periodically (presumably each time the WinVICE window recieves a command to maximize), and when I quit I still see a short flash of a smaller window before WinVICE closes down. I've been doing some research; the AutoHotkey command "Gui" is supposedly able to create a new, all black window, for instance like this: ^k:: Gui, -Border -Caption +AlwaysOnTop Gui, Color, Black Gui, Show, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight%, Example return Seems like I could put the above before a
  11. Thanks Viking! This really is an awesome looking theme, perfect for my couch-based setup, so I'm basically nitpicking, I know. And I agree; whether or not the text should cover the picture is just a matter of taste, I'm sure others like it that way. It seems like I'm able to tweak it just by making the banner picture smaller, so I'll just do that. Keep up the great work!
  12. Thanks JPGIII, that brought me at least a little bot closer! Alas, I've tried all of the different percentages in the control panel now; basically, the issue remains. The text size changes, but something is still cut off or covering the banner pics, though in varying ways. Maybe I'll go trough the view files and try changing some font sizes there to try and learn what's going on, maybe I can change the dimensions of the banner pictures as well.
  13. Your theme looks awesome! I'm having a small problem, though, and I can't se that anyone else has mentioned it... the text in descriptions seem to be a little big compared to the screenshots on the theme download page, so that part of it either gets cut off or covers the system images. I'm using the theme on newest launchbox, win 10 and a 16:9 1080p TV. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks a bunch! Below: The "C" in Commodore gets cut off Below: Text covering system picture (controller)
  14. sozuke

    Hiding windows

    Hello guys! I'm a noob, but I have a very specific goal: I want to set up an emulator system in which I NEVER see any windows, dialog boxes or stuff like that. Everything should be full screen and console-like while in use. Some emulators, like RetroArch, are easy like that; they boot directly to full screen, and when they quit they just go back to LauchBox. Others, like WinVICE for C64, give me problems; in WinVICE's case, it starts up in full screen, but when I exit it shrinks to a smaller window for half a second before LaunchBox comes back. I've tried going through RocketLauncher
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