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  1. I think 8bitdo controllers are the way to go 4 you.
  2. OK best method would be to unbind the buttons or giv them other key binding in retroarch like the other one said. If u had some remote like one4all you could have changed the frequent but not with a Samsung. Sorry about that. Hope you can solve it like that.
  3. What kind of remote do you have??? What TV and other systems are you using with it? And how did you configurate this remote? Is there more than one way to configurate the remote??? If I can get some more data (TV model, remote model etc.) I could help you maybe a little more. Hope so 😉
  4. Yep or maybe some kind of bios is missing..... Not sure if bios is needed for psp..... You ll find out by looking in core information when it's loaded in retroarch....
  5. i fixed part of my problem. in launchbox itself, the pause menu is working! But in bigbox still the same problem. pause window starts but not as an active window, so it is in background (not showing even the option is checked to force window). from here i can press ALT+Tab to switch to pause window...... maybe part of my problem is my Multi monitor System, but i choose the right monitor in bigbox settings. maybe someone got some more ideas to solve this prob ...... greetz!
  6. Yep these are the settings I got. unfortunately nothing changes even when I change some settings in emulator options window. Still, my pause window is inactive in background..... 🤔.
  7. Hi all, I just mapped my button for the pause menu, but it won't show as an active window. I have to tab out and tab in to the pause menu. I tested it with retroarch. When I manually tab into the menu it's working just fine.... Any ideas??? Greets
  8. @failrunner LOL! this would be sooooooo awesome!
  9. m3TTwUrsT

    Hiding windows

    huhu here is a script found, written for AutoHotKey. Actually it is maximazing every new window..... loop{WinGetActiveTitle, TitleIfNotInString, MyItemList, %Title%{WinMaximize,%Title%EnvSet, MyItemList, %MyItemList% %Title%}sleep 1000} I hope this`ll work. I could not test it before! Just let us now if its working the way you wanted it to be ;-)
  10. Work perfect for me the login and Logout and restarting Launch Box Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk
  11. Ok I ll try this. Thank you very much! Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk
  12. hi all, i tried to find a solution but could not find any here.... Everytime i import games and try to download artwork and everything else via wizard, it is only downloading the stuff from launchbox database. After the import process is done and i try to download for a game manually it finds the missing videos from emumovies and i am able to download them. Maybe there arlready is a topic open and i coulndt find it. if not, what can i do to download all metadata at once (wiki, Launchbaox Database and Emumovies). of course i do have a premium account for emumovies. thx!
  13. haha my^bad sry ..... i tried it with nullDC hard to work with it. Demule much better! Close pls ;-)
  14. wow thanks! never thought of such a simple solution
  15. Would be great to have a Tutorial how to use VMU with DC-Emulators. Especially saving and loading games seems to be tricky ;-) Greets
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