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Ignore files during import


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If they're different file extensions you can use the "Add files" option and use windows search to filter out the extensions you want, then add the ones you do, but this is currently not possible. You could also temporarily move them out of the directory, then back in, but obviously that's tedious. If you'd like to request an ignore option then click on Issues/Requests at the top and request it, if it hasn't been already. Make a quick search and if it has vote on that one instead.

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I forgot that I set up those games before merging of roms were a thing. Just merged them, and now it's all clean and tidy.
I've set up so that any Atari ST games that needs two disks launches one instance of the emulator, but with both disks inserted, and without merging, it would get messy.

Anyway, thanks for your help :)

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